Focus! Being a Yummier Mummy!

Focus! Being a Yummier Mummy!
04 Feb 2014

Yes, I want to be a yummy mummy, MILF or whatever you want to call it

I have long had a goal to walk my son to his first day of school feeling confident in how I look and feel. Being my ideal weight has been a lifelong struggle but it’s time to do it right, even with the obstacles life throws my way.

I have been overweight for as long as I can remember

I was the girl in the clothing store dressing room crying because nothing (that I liked) would fit. I was the girl whose Mom talked over the change room door, trying to console her daughter.

The problem is that I’m a professional at making excuses about why I do not look and feel the way I want to look and feel! I have family problems, I am very career-driven, I need to get ahead, I have kids, I have to volunteer, I look fine, ‘it will come off one day’… I actually thought that the weight was just going to miraculously come off one day, that someone would come along and help me lose the weight! Seriously? The only person that can do this is me!

I always put EVERYTHING else ahead of eating healthy

This includes exercise. I put exercise ahead of eating healthy, thinking it’s what would help me lose the weight. I am a very active person and thought of myself as pretty healthy. I remember once working out on an elliptical alongside a friend and she said ‘wow, you are going to outlast me on this, you are strong!’ The problem is that I always spent more time working out than planning my meals. Does anyone else do this? Clearly I’m procrastinating on what I should be doing.

yummy mummy lupiano couple

After having my second child I was 110-120 pounds over my ideal weight range and considered morbidly obese. It is and was very scary because 1) it’s unhealthy AND 2) that’s a lot of weight to lose! After several months of continued excuses and procrastination, I finally got on track and started on ‘Project MILF’ in January 2013. I started using The Looneyspoons cookbook, thanks to my friends Janet and Greta. I was cooking interesting recipes and losing weight. I also did a grueling five-week bootcamp. By September I was 60-70 pounds away of my ideal weight and started Phase Two of Project MILF. I was eating well and balancing life. Things were on track and I still had one year until my son started school. I was running five kilometers! Yes, this big girl could run FIVE kilometers! It was an amazing feeling. I knew I was on the right track to becoming a yummy mummy. I knew I could feel the way I wanted to feel!

But then life threw me an obstacle…

I broke my ankle and leg. And for someone who is active and loves to exercise (who needs it to stay sane!), it hit me hard. I gained back over 15 pounds and went to a dark place, feeling sorry for myself and very frustrated by my limitations.

yummy mummy broken leg

I have deep appreciation for the physical disabilities with which some people are challenged daily. I wasn’t able to do my normal stress relieving exercise routines. And food… well I used it to self medicate. It was a very tough three months in a cast and a disappointing setback.

I’m back on my quest to become a yummy mummy!

It’s been five weeks since I got the cast off and I’m doing physiotherapy twice a week. Reflecting on what I learned from the challenging experience, my biggest takeaway is that I need to focus on the food. It’s still going to be several months before I can be as active as I want to be and start running again. But in the meantime, I have to remember that weight loss is around 75% what I eat and 25% exercise so I still have control over my results. If only I would have remembered this when I had the cast on! It’s so easy to think back about what I could have done differently but ultimately the only thing I have control of is what I do NOW!

The Biggest Shedder Challenge

Two weeks ago I started an initiative called ‘The Biggest Shedder Challenge’ with 17 other ladies. We meet every Wednesday at the local indoor walking track to weigh in and walk. We have a secret Facebook page where we encourage one another and share results and recipes. Every week we have a different challenge and a winner. We called it a ‘shedder’ challenge because my friend Deanna said ‘when you lose something you will find it’ but we don’t want to find our lost weight! So we’re shedding away! I find having a group to support you in your goals is very encouraging. I feel accountable for our weekly weigh ins. Any tips on how you motivate and hold yourself accountable?

My word for 2014 is focus

I’m sure there are going to be other things to distract me from my goal and obstacles that could bring me down, but I have to focus on what I want. ‘Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most.’ I still want to be a yummy mummy. I may not be at my yummiest by September 2014, but I will definitely be ‘yummier’ by then!



Marianne Schuts

Marianne Schuts is a Mom of two young boys, Wife to a wonderful man and Business Development Consultant. On a weight loss journey to feel like a Yummy Mummy! LOVES to travel, usually has at least 5 books on the go and is always striving to be a better person.


  1. You are amazing! And inspire me to do the same…it’s so hard! I was in an aweful car accident that pulled me back in..and put my hope to a stand still. So many things have happened, stress is huge..seems to be an obstacle I need to overcome…thank you for showing your journey..every little bit of hope helps! Keep it up you are beautiful..

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