Your Guide to Staying Fit During a Pandemic

Your Guide to Staying Fit During a Pandemic
02 Dec 2020

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Worried that your health and fitness are declining because of the pandemic? Although gyms remain closed indefinitely, there are still ways you can exercise without risking yourself for an infection. Even though it is important to be careful, lack of exercise can actually make you more susceptible to catching the virus.

For those who want to go back to getting fit during this pandemic, here are some things you can do to exercise while avoiding the virus.

Do bodyweight exercises

Whether you are a beginner or more advanced, bodyweight exercises are the number one workout to do when you’re stuck at home. It is especially good for those who have never exercised actively before. These exercises can build your strength with minimal risks, unlike weights which can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. You can also improve your cardiovascular endurance.

At some point, you might notice that you would plateau in your bodyweight exercise. That’s because it only works as well if you have a large weight. If you’ve lost a lot of weight, then you might feel lighter and less challenged. You can take up a notch by doing HIIT. This is when you do a high-intensity workout in a short amount of time with only short breaks in between. In fact, it is shown to be five times more effective than usual workouts.

Try shadowboxing

To the average onlooker, it might not seem like you’re not doing much, but this can actually be an intense exercise even if you don’t have a punching bag. Boxing in itself develops your reflexes, endurance, and posture. At the same time, it is also both a full-body workout and cardio. When you’re punching, you actually use muscles other than your arms. Shadowboxing can work your shoulder, back, and core muscles. Footwork is also developed during boxing.

If you haven’t done it before, you should start with learning the basics such as hand and foot position. Develop your technique and form before anything. Once you’ve gottenthe hang of it, then you can start going faster and making more combos. This can be done anywhere, and you don’t necessarily have to buy gloves yet. Just make sure that you are doing it in a place with a lot of space to avoid hitting something.

Run early in the morning

For those who regularly job every day, you might feel a bit uncertain about going out during a pandemic. Although most places are starting to allow outdoor exercises, the proper safety measures should still be in place. That means social distancing and wearing face masks. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests a 12-foot distance between the surrounding people. You should try to practice this as much as possible when going to popular jogging routes.

If face masks are too uncomfortable, there is also the option of wearing a personalized neck gaiter. It covers the entire lower half of your face a can be pulled over your nose. Some people take the extra step and buying ones that have thicker material, which gives more protection, or fitness gaiters that are more breathable.

A great way to further avoid getting infected is to go running in the morning, where there are fewer people. This means you have fewer risks and exposure to others. Going in at peak hours might put you at greater risk and make it more difficult to social distance.

Take virtual classes

Nowadays, fitness instructors and coaches have found ways to make exercise and fitness more accessible to those who are unable to leave the house. This is done through online classes, either live on zoom or played on a CD. It is a great way to get yourself in the mood while also have a point of reference in your form.

These kinds of fitness sessions usually involve either Zumba or yoga. You can ask around the instructors in your gym if they are offering those kinds of services. Some physical trainers might even go above and beyond by hosting personalized workouts through a live zoom session. Thoughthese would usually be with pay. If you don’t have that much cash, you can search through Youtube for any free sessions.

Make use of technology

Are you a cyclist or a triathlete that wants to keep in shape during the lockdown? Did you know that there is a new fitness technology that allows you to bike at home? In particular, the cycling community has advanced so far that you can actually have a virtual simulation of biking on a track. All you need is a stationary bike and a phone.

One example of new cycling tech are apps that let you bike on a virtual track. It has its own map and course with unique twists and turns that make it seem like you are actually there. There’s even a sort of GPS function that shows your distance and speed. This makes indoor cycling more entertaining and fun. Another great item to have is smart bike trainers that make your bike heavier. It mimics the feeling of climbing a slope to give you an extra challenge.

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