Your Exterior Rejuvenation Isn’t Complete Without…

Your Exterior Rejuvenation Isn’t Complete Without…
18 Nov 2021

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When it comes to improving the curb appeal of our property, it’s important to recognize that all of the elements we choose to improve and maintain will define the total visual and financial value of such a space. For this reason, it’s important to make sure all of those variables work together, and that we have no clashing issues that can make other areas of the outdoor space look tired or rote.

For instance, painting your door bright pink could look quite daring and interesting, but if the rest of your home has gone for a slate aesthetic, it will stand out and look like an eye-sore, provided it’s not tied into the rest of the space appropriately.

But more than that, exterior value is not just about the visuals, but functionality also, and the willingness to make sure this space is properly curated for your needs. It’s also important to make sure these features are properly installed, maintained, repaired, and fleshed out. A half-installed and temporarily-functional water feature in the midst of a large driveway helps on one, for example.

In this post, we wish to discuss a few measures by which your exterior rejuvenation may not be complete without. You may find some or all of these useful, but one thing is for sure, considering them can help you plan your renovation plans properly:

Driveway Care

Driveway care can make a massive difference regarding the comfort and use of your exterior space. If you can’t easily park a car on your driveway, or it feels as though doing so is somewhat more risky than it should be (this can often be the case with steep driveways going up or down), then some attendance is required.

Of course, it may simply be that you’ve installed and managed your driveway perfectly well up to this point, but unfortunately, the tarmac is starting to come loose, or a previous installation didn’t have the longevity you expected.

Perhaps now can be the time to fill in those side issues, or perhaps invest in a full epoxy resin driveway with its own visual motif. Or, perhaps you just wish to come to a better idea of caring for your driveway over winter, pre-purchasing grit, flood defenses in the form of sandbags, having the side gutters properly cleaned, and more. Driveway care can make a massive difference regarding the upkeep of an exterior.

Vegetation Removal & Lawn Care

Over time, growth, weeds, lawn issues, and more can become a very real problem that requires diligence to take care of. Even vegetation can grow or the cold stormy weather can lead to issues coming about.

Using a tree surgeon to make sure your treeline is healthy, and rot isn’t spreading, trimming your hedges, pulling the weeds, and making sure that markers, such as small brick walls dividing the space between driveway and garden are properly cared for can have a huge impact going forward.

You’ll also find that lawn care, even if that just means adding a sprinkler in the summer or keeping it trimmed, can help an exterior shine, and is a good way to have your kids earn their allowance each month.

Roofing & Siding

Roofing and siding are of course thoroughly practical installations, crafted to keep the home feeling protected against the elements, and often insulated, too. That said, both of these implements have a thorough visual appeal, and must be considered to have such in order to make the right aesthetic choice.

This is where it’s beneficial to use a reliable service such as Gerry’s Roofing & Siding in order to take the project from start to finish, repairing, implementing entirely new structures, and updating your home as necessary. A service like this can also give you warranty guarantees which will help you ensure your home is easy to maintain and protected in the long run. This can be worth its weight in gold.

Window Shutter/Sill Maintenance

It’s essential to make sure that your window shutters and frames are properly maintained. Sometimes, this means fixing a leak in an old window set by reaffirming the silicon insulation, other times, total refits are needed, including upgrading a home from UPVC to double-glazing.

Window shutters are also important to purchase and install during areas that may encounter high winds, such as if you move to a seafront building. The more you can focus on this combination of reliable factors, the better off you’ll be going forward, and the more likely you’ll be able to find a solution that lasts for some time.

Garden Path Restoration

Garden path restoration is a great way of making your garden stand out, while also providing a functional and navigable feature that directs people to the front door, or the door you want them to use when hoping to access the property or deliver mail.

It might be that laying down wood chips, providing patio slabs, breaking up stone for placement, or using an overhead arch can help you define the kind of garden path you want. Or, you can go super simple and laid down border logs with simple grounding, one that immediately shows where to walk without taking up much space.

However, it’s important to make sure any garden path you have or install is properly maintained, too. This can take the form of pulling weeds, replacing loose tiles or slabs, and power washing it on occasion. With a combination of these efforts, it’s sure to look great, and won’t detract from your overall path exterior at all.

Gate & Mailbox Repairs

Of course, you can define how exactly you’d like a mailbox or a gate to look, including how high and secure the latter is, but ultimately, its condition will determine if that look good or not. Often, little elements furthest out from the house can suffer from the least amount of care, and that’s almost alway going to be an issue in how much it prevents your home from looking as great as it deserve to.

With this advice, we’re certain that your exterior rejuvenation will be managed correctly, and your property is certain to look fantastic as a result.

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