The World Map on Your Dinner Table

The World Map on Your Dinner Table
16 Dec 2022

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It comes as no surprise that on the one hand food lets us stay alive, ensuring all the cells of our body operate properly, and on the other – is considered the source of great pleasure, and one of humanity’s strongest weaknesses. We strive for discovering new flavours and aromas to satisfy our cravings for tasty unforgettable dishes, and trying new cuisines is a way out. Sometimes we are obliged to work long hours without holidays, and our plans for visiting foreign countries are completely ruined. One of the variants here is to explore new places through studying their culture and cooking their national food. Although we are to put off visiting itself, a world map on the dinner table is easy to get. It’s up to you to decide what cuisine is worth trying, but widely spread Mediterranean and hot Mexican ones will definitely get everyone obsessed.


It goes without saying that Florence is the gem of Tuscany in architecture and history, but few people are aware of all the peculiarities, tricks and ingredients in Florence cuisine. It holds its own among the tastiest regions in Italy. As Florence represents an indispensable part of Tuscan culture and history, one can’t afford not to get acquainted with the masterpieces of Florence gastronomy. Besides, most of them have gone through centuries and have proven to be healthy and tasty crowd-pleasers. Italian life philosophy suggests that both the poor and the rich are endowed with equal right to enjoy delicious food, so that’s the direct reason for all the dishes to be equally tasty and healthy no matter how hard they touch you in your pocket. The important detail to mention is that Florence has always been a wealthy, prosperous town, located quite far from the seashore, which has influenced it greatly. So Florence is famous for meat dishes and moderate consumption of fish. Its contemporary cuisine is a real heaven for gourmets and connoisseurs. It’s a balance of simple combinations that ensure incredible flavours just being dressed with olive oil, dipped into some sauce, or simply salted. When it comes to desserts, they don’t seem that plain but still keep healthy and extremely delicious. Traditional Florentine Cookies are sweet, usually chocolate-coated biscuits made with nuts and fruits. They are a huge hit with the children. If you get them sugar and honey free, they will serve a bikini-friendly dessert for those who care a lot about their appearance.


Greek cuisine rests upon a principle of simplicity and health promotion. It has saved its unique features, having gotten over Italian and Turkish influence and interference. National dishes are known to be healthy, high in vitamins, delicious and quite light to feel comfortable after dinner. A lot of dieticians insist on a Mediterranean diet (which is mostly based on a Greek one) for those who suffer from excessive weight. Greek cuisine health benefits are determined by the use of the farm to table approach: fresh vegetables, olive oil and spices are compulsory to include in Greek daily menus on a regular basis. Olive oil is the lifeblood and is essential in any household. It enriches the dish with special flavour and aroma, making it healthy and tasty. The Greek tend to use pork, chicken and other kinds of meat in their main dishes. They cook meat separately, as it holds its own when spiced up, or prepare dishes containing meat in any form. For example, Greek Lasagna, which is both protein-packed and rich in fiber. Also, fish is a huge hit as the country is surrounded by the seas – a source of prawns, squid, lobster, eels that you can fry, grill, or eat raw. Another reason for great popularity of Greek cuisine is a limited number of store-bought, ready-packed, and factory-produced food. The farmers get milk from their own goats, turning it into a whole host of wonderful cheese. They grow ecologically pure vegetables and fruits and eat salt-free dishes. They just sprinkling them with lemon juice.


Mexican cuisine reflects the image of Mexico inhabitants – it’s as bright and unforgettable as all the clothes of local people and colours of South America nature. Deep, intense colours, creative approach to food decorating, and spicy aromas make Mexican dishes stand out among all the other traditional dishes. Gourmets claim that even the pickiest eaters will definitely discover something of interest, and even have an all-time favourite. Mexican foodie treasures represent a mouthwatering combination of Spanish and Indian cooking traditions. In the 16th century, the conquistadors arrived in Mexico and found Mexican cuisine consisted of beans, corn, chocolate, and tomatoes… all seasoned with herbs and spices. The Spanish introduced the Indians to rice, garlic, wine, and meat. Almost everyone has a vague idea of a Mexican main course, or has heard of spicy soups. But a special question is dessert, which is in most cases represented by Mexican Cookies. They are delicious, crumby pieces of heaven, that are filled with aromatic toasted nuts, and rolled in an avalanche of powdered sugar.

Cooking traditional dishes from different nations is one more way to explore and understand the country… to experience its culinary culture. If you want to take advantage of your new skill for preparing foreign dishes, surprise your friends and treat them with colourful, aromatic, and exotic dishes bursting with flavours.

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