Why You Don’t Have To Spend A Small Fortune To Remodel Your Kitchen

Why You Don’t Have To Spend A Small Fortune To Remodel Your Kitchen
09 Nov 2020

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While your kitchen is the hub of your home and the room that is the most costly to renovate, this doesn’t mean that you have to spend a small fortune when carrying out renovations. The doors on your cabinetry might be hanging by a screw, your laminate may be scuffed, and your dishwasher may be on its last legs, but you don’t have to assume that you need a brand new costly kitchen direct from a showroom. Take a look at these simple hacks that you can utilize to help you save money when rejuvenating the heart of your humble abode.


The units of your kitchen will be the very foundation of your room’s style. It doesn’t matter whether you have a bijou rustic culinary quarter or whether you enjoy the delights of a large kitchen diner, it will be the high gloss units or the shaker style cupboards that dictate your vibe. If you are eager to achieve a new look with your cabinets, don’t assume that you need to source a designer set of units. Instead, consider changing up the doors and handles if the structural integrity of the frames is solid. Swap the knobs for longer ornate handles and consider painting your doors or swapping them.

If you do want a whole new kitchen, check out the ex-display models available in your local showroom. You need to be a little flexible when it comes to style but you can save up to half the recommended retail price if you bought it new.


Integrated appliances and energy efficient white goods can now cost the same amount as a small family car. To ensure that you aren’t throwing away perfectly good appliances, check them over. Explore this site to investigate refrigerator parts that you can fix yourself. Follow a step by step tutorial n Youtube and you won’t need to call out a tradesperson to do the job. Sometimes, washing machines only need new door seals and dishwashers only need new filters. These are cheap and readily available meaning that you don’t actually need to replace a seemingly faulty appliance.


The flooring of your kitchen can be costly or ridiculously cheap. If you are looking to save as much money as possible, go for a high-quality lino. This flooring material is easy to lay and comes in many different styles. For a tile effect floor or an oak floorboard look, there will be a lino to suit. If you have a little more cash to splash, think about heading to a reclamation yard and reusing some antique slate tiles or some oak floorboards to emulate the period features in the rest of your home. Reusing can be cheaper than going designer and looking for standard modern equivalents. You can enjoy a one-off feature for much less money and you can do your bit to be more sustainable.

Renovating your kitchen may seem costly, but it needn’t be. Follow this guide and enjoy crafting a new look for your gastronomic delights.

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