Why does my deck stain keep peeling?

Why does my deck stain keep peeling?
19 Aug 2022

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What detests homeowners the most? A peeled off deck paint! Stains are supposed to stick to decks, but that is not always the case. Let’s discuss why that happens. These deck stains can peel off because of multiple reasons ranging from a bad stain coating to rainy season to poor preparation.

However, seeing it getting peeled off is a real frustration. Not only because you have to get it repainted, but it also ruins the look of your porch. It becomes overwhelming when the paint job comes out poorly. In fact, the stain spoils the appearance of the wood – which requires more maintenance – increasing problems along the way.

Let’s understand why deck stains keep peeling off.

Reasons Why Your Deck Stain Keeps Peeling Off

1. Poor management

The most obvious reason for deck stain peeling is the lack of proper management. Stains usually start to peel off wood that is rusted, dusty, or not properly cleaned. So, use a good quality deck cleaner that can remove dirt.

It is better if you remove the previous coating by scrubbing the old paint or by using a deck paint remover. Now, use sandpaper to remove whatever residues are left. This will leave you with a uniform surface that can absorb more stains.

2. Using the wrong stain coat for deck

Stain mixtures are made differently to cater to various types of wood decks. However, when you choose the wrong stain, it can have a negative impact on your deck. While choosing a deck stain for your porch, make sure that the stain is suitable for the deck.

If you are buying it online, read the description of the deck stain. Don’t use a solid stain because it is a weak adhesive and will peel off faster than most synthetic liquid stains. Also, solid stains are thick and don’t penetrate into the wood, which makes them more prone to peeling.

3. Bad weather conditions

Deck stains are also prone to bad weather conditions. So, avoid getting it stained after rain or during excessive humidity. If you plan to get the deck stained, then the best time is during moderate temperatures between 10°C and 50°C.

It is also important to keep the deck shaded, so it doesn’t get direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can dry the stain pigments faster, not letting them properly absorb in the wood.

Similarly, when the deck is wet, let it dry. If you apply stain on dry deck, the wet wood will not absorb it, causing it to peel off.

4. Using excessive stain coating

Most people believe that using excessive stain coat is good for the deck. However, this is a wrong assumption, and in most cases, excessive use of stain will lead to the thick film of stain on the surface, which will shell off faster. If you want to add a double coat, better to do it when the old stain cover dries.

Now that you know what things can lead to excessive peeling off the deck, let’s learn about the products available to prevent stain peeling in the future.

Here is How to Prevent Deck from Getting Peeled

1. Deck Brighteners

Deck brighteners serve two purposes. They act as a protective coat or an additional layer of stain and prevent the stain from peeling off. Secondly, they enlarge the pores of the wood so that it can absorb more of the stain coating.

This gives it a more vibrant look and increases the furnishing of the deck. If you are not into deck brighteners, you can get liquid synthetic stains that easily stick to the wood.

2. Oil or Solid-Color Stains

You can use stains that soak into the wood. Many people use water-based stain coatings. Since these are weak, they don’t stick to the deck. Instead, pick oil or solid-color stain coatings. The solid-color stain coatings can penetrate into the wood and stick to the inner sides, acting like a protective layer on top of it. On the other hand, oil stains give the deck a fine furnishing.

Although oil stains are susceptible to peeling, they ensure that the deck coating is of high quality. Unfortunately, not many people are aware of these stain coatings, and they still consider water-based finishing.

A major reason behind that logic is because water-based finishings are free from chemicals and eco-friendly. Also, since many people have pets residing on the deck most of the time, these pets are likely to get allergic to artificial stain coating.

3. Deck Sealers

Another great way to seal your deck is by using a cedar stain and sealer for sealing. You can apply waterproofing deck sealing to repel water, rain, and other toxins that can ruin the deck furnishing. Deck sealers prolong the life of your deck and make it look polished. Many decks sealing primers are available in the market that you can use to give your deck a seal coating.

Deck Cleaning Solutions You Can Use

Here are a couple of homemade deck cleaners that you can use to secure the surface of your deck and extend its life.

1. Baking Soda, Vinegar and Dish Soap

Baking soda, vinegar, and dish soap mixture is the best homemade solution to clean your decks from dirt, toxins, and other residues. Simply mix one box of baking soda in 1 cup of vinegar. Now add 2 tablespoons of dishwashing soap and 1 gallon of water.

Remove stains by sprinkling baking soda on the dirt affected areas. Rinse it thoroughly to remove dirt and make your deck look like what it originally was.

2. Power Washer

Another great way to extend the life of your deck is by using a power washer. Power washers are made to remove excessive filth and restore the original coating. However, use the power washer with low power so that it doesn’t peel off the stain.

Instead, it should only act as a remover for the residues and dirt attached to the deck. You can easily get a power washer from any online store. If you don’t find one, you can also borrow one from a friend.

Protect Your Decks!

We hope you now know why the stain keeps peeling off and the ways to protect it. Remember that stain coating should only be applied to the deck when the weather permits it. Otherwise, it is always better to wait for pleasant weather. Only then apply stain coating to your deck and enjoy it for an elongated period.

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