Why Closing The Door On Your Garden Is Actually Harming Your Home

Why Closing The Door On Your Garden Is Actually Harming Your Home
04 Jan 2021

Many of us would consider outside space an absolute must yet, astoundingly, once we’ve achieved that goal, many of us simply shut the door and never look back. This is especially true during winter, where cold weather and dark nights lead us to forget about our gardens altogether. At best, we leave them to their own devices until summer. At worst, we don’t bother to sort things even then.

The trouble is that garden maintenance is actually a lot of work, and de-weeding among other tasks will need doing every week, come rain or shine. That’s work many of us simply don’t have time for! Instead, we focus on home improvements that we can see, and let the rest go.

There are a few reasons why this is a bad idea. Most notably, poor garden maintenance can actually hinder your interior living arrangements. Before you shut the door, then, keep reading to find out how an unruly garden could leave your entire home unravelling.

A room without a view

Most basically, a garden that’s gone to ruin is guaranteed to ruin your view. If you want to face a tangled mess of weeds every morning when you open the curtains, then carry on. But if like most of us you want a pretty view to enjoy, then it’s time to tackle your garden. You don’t need to go mad with excessive flower displays and pristine hedge animals. But, you do need to at least keep weeds and general garden clutter under control.

An invite to unwanted guests

Views aside, unkempt gardens pose the very real risk of appealing to unwanted visitors. And, unfortunately for you, those visitors won’t stay outside for long. Before you know, you’ll be contacting a raccoon removal company to batten down your hatches. And, the first thing they’ll tell you is that you need to sort your garden! As in the house, any clutter or hidey holes are bad news. If you’re really against green fingers, your best bet might be to flatten and pave your garden, or at least lay a basic lawn. Either way, don’t leave space for unwelcome visitors to sneak through.

No more nice neighbours

We all want to get along with our neighbours, right? Whether you have each other around for barbecues or just say hi when you pass in the street, geniality is best. It certainly saves you from feeling unwelcome. Sadly, as much as you want a good view, so do your neighbours. And, right now, your messy garden is stopping them from enjoying it. In extreme cases, those pests we mentioned might even move next door! Even if you can’t do it for yourself, then, cleaning up your garden come rain or shine is worth your while just to keep the neighbours happy.

No one said keeping a garden was easy, but nor does it need to be difficult. You can make this as complicated or as simple as you like. Either way, you need to get to it!

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