Why campers should take a smartphone with them

Why campers should take a smartphone with them
11 Oct 2022

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From the United States to the UK, people adore camping. Particularly popular with those who want to escape city life, immersing yourself in a rural location makes for one of the most relaxing travel experiences on the planet. For expert campers, it’s an unbeatable holiday package.

Given the technology-filled world that we now live in, taking a smartphone away with you when embarking on a camping adventure doesn’t necessarily appeal. After all, most campers want to escape technology when they’re out in the wilderness, right? You shouldn’t leave your smartphone at home when you’re camping, though. In fact, although society’s reliance on a modern-day mobile phone is understandably concerning for some, our miniature handheld devices can actually save our lives when we’re subjecting ourselves to the elements. As such, many campers simply wouldn’t go camping without a smartphone device. Here’s why below.

Weather updates

Sometimes the elements can hinder a camping experience. For example, if you’re camping in extreme weather conditions, then it can be incredibly dangerous if you’re out in the middle of nowhere with no sign of human life. Thanks to constant updates being shared on apps and home screens, keeping up to date with the latest weather reports is convenient. Many campers download a weather app, and then, throughout their camping trip, they’re able to follow weather patterns and remain in control.

Capture the most amazing pictures

In the past, digital cameras were a must when wanting to capture high-quality imagery around a vacation. Now, though, digital cameras have become a thing of the past as our smartphone devices house highly sophisticated cameras that are capable of taking hugely impressive pictures. From there, they’re then easy to share on social media, too. While many people might prefer a heavy DLSR camera to take even better pictures, they aren’t exactly ideal for camping, are they? Smartphones are compact, lightweight devices that can be used when you see the ideal moment or the perfect view.

Emergency situations

Throwing yourself into a wild environment throws up a number of potential dangers, from wild animals to high winds. As such, having a smartphone on you while you’re camping could save your life. From accessing a first aid app and a GPS tracker to being able to phone for emergency services and watch YouTube survival videos in times of need, a smartphone can save your life when camping.


While most of us take the chance to escape from technology when on a camping holiday, sometimes entertainment is needed using one, perhaps if you’re struggling to sleep at night or you’re waiting for your fellow campers to return from a firewood search. After all, our smartphone devices can provide entertainment with ease, be it through a quick look at an array of viral videos on TikTok, a gaming session at a top online casino, or binge-watching your favorite Netflix show at the moment. Essentially, a modern-day smartphone can house so many entertainment opportunities, making it a worthwhile tool to keep close by for when boredom sets in.

A backup light source

Although taking torches and making a fire is a great light source that is hard to better, sometimes they aren’t always accessible, perhaps due to adverse weather conditions or because your torch is low on battery. With light being extremely important when camping, taking a mobile phone is a surefire way of providing you with a backup light source in case of an emergency. Most modern-day smartphones have a flashlight or a torch feature that can come in handy, while you can also download a torch app for an even better setup.

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