Which Car Parts are the Hardest to Replace?

Which Car Parts are the Hardest to Replace?
11 Dec 2020

Car trouble is a big deal. According to some sources, approximately more than 69 million car breakdowns occur in the United States annually.

Car breakdowns are just a part of everyday life, but it can be more challenging if you lack the right parts or expertise. The latter can get more complicated if your car has a less common build, such as a high-profile vehicle. Or you may have trouble finding parts because you bought a foreign car. So which foreign cars are the most popular in the United States and which parts are the most difficult to replace?

Most Popular Foreign Cars

Why does it matter which foreign cars are the most popular?

For one thing, you’ll have an easier time finding suppliers for their components. Although you can rely on companies that provide reliable parcel forwarding services, its much easier to source foreign car parts yourself. Their popularity also ensures you can buy second-hand parts from previous owners.

• Toyota

Toyotas are some of the most ubiquitous cars on the streets. The Japan-based auto manufacturer has a selection of both affordably priced and high-scale vehicles. According to their year-end reports, Toyota sold almost 2.4 million units in the U.S. last year. Toyotas aren’t the most durable of cars, but because they’re so common, almost every car mechanic in the country is familiar with how they function. Most auto part shops will carry their parts and it’s not difficult to find someone else who drives a Toyota.

• Honda

Yet another Japanese car manufacturer provides the second most common foreign car in the United States. In 2019 alone, Honda reported they had sold over 1.6 million units in the country. The company provides both cars and sports utility vehicles. They also have trucks and offer hybrid cars that run on both gasoline and electric motors. Similar to Toyota, you’ll have no difficulty finding Honda parts, depending on your location and the model of your vehicle.

• Mercedes-Benz

Unlike the above companies, Mercedes-Benz is more known for high-end vehicles rather than common cars. Despite their hefty price tags, the German auto company sold a total of over 350,000 units in America in 2019. Finding parts for a Mercedes-Benz can be tricky, especially if your car is over 4 years old. Depending on your location, you may also have difficulty finding a supplier for Mercedes-Benz parts.

Hardest Car Parts to Replace

The difficulty of replacing a particular part of your car doesn’t just depend on whether you bought a foreign or domestic vehicle. It can also depend on which part you need to replace and the age of your vehicle’s model. Generally speaking, the older the car, the harder it will be to find new parts for it. Below are some of the most difficult parts to find replacements.

• Manual Transmission

Automatic transmissions are fast becoming the norm and there are fewer and fewer cars that use manual transmission. As few as only one-eighth of all new car models use manual transmission. This makes it extra challenging to find a replacement for your car’s manual transmission. You could either wait for a new part or you could simply switch to a car that uses automatic transmission.

• Radiator Hose

Keeping your engine cool is essential if you don’t want your car to stall or even catch fire. The radiator hose is the pipeline that channels coolant into your engine block and sucks it back into the radiator. However, the specifications of these hoses only fit into their particular models and it can be very difficult to find a radiator hose that fits for uncommon or discontinued vehicles.

• Steering Shafts

The steering shaft is the part of your car connecting the steering column to the steering rack under your vehicle. Without one, your car is just a very expensive hunk of metal and leather seat covers. The steering racks of cars are more common because their position under the car means they’re exposed more to the elements and damage. You may have a harder time finding a replacement steering shaft because they don’t get damaged as often.

• Dashboard Panel

Dashboards aren’t usually damaged unless you get into a serious car accident or the weather somehow cracks or warps it. Different car models have unique dashboard panels and you’ll rarely find that the panel of one model will fit into another. More recent cars also have more devices and such on their dashboards, making it impossible to fit panels from older models unto them and vice versa.

Time and use take their toll on all things, especially on your car. The best solution to avoid having to hunt for hard-to-find car parts is to buy one with plenty of suppliers. Think smart when you’re purchasing a car and you’ll have an easier time getting it repaired.

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