What Qualities Do You Want in a Personal Injury Lawyer?

What Qualities Do You Want in a Personal Injury Lawyer?
22 Oct 2020

Recovering from a personal injury is the priority right now, but you do have to think about the future. How will you survive financially while recovering? What if the injury prevents you from continuing in your current career? The one responsible for the injury must be held accountable. That means hiring one of the Law123.ca personal injury lawyers in Markham and seeking compensation. How do you choose the right legal counsel for you? Here are some attributes that must be present.

Ability to Communicate

Communication requires two willing participants. Along with you listening to what the lawyer has to say, the lawyer must also be willing to listen to you. This makes it all the easier to work together and prepare a strategy for seeking a reasonable amount of compensation.

You can learn a lot during the initial consultation. If the lawyer seems more intent on telling you how things will be versus asking questions and listening to the answers, take that as a sign to look elsewhere. If you find that the two of you can hear and be heard with ease, that lawyer may be the right one for the job.

Thorough Knowledge of Applicable Laws

You do need legal counsel who knows all personal injury law well. Specifically, the lawyer should know the laws that have a direct bearing on your case. That includes legal precedents set by cases that have some common ground with yours.

A lawyer with this level of information is in a good position to negotiate a settlement on your behalf or pursue the matter in court. By contrast, one that doesn’t seem to know how to move forward may not be the best choice.

A Strong Record of Winning

Do take the time to find out more about how often the lawyer wins cases for clients. Winning would be defined as either reaching a settlement that the client finds agreeable or obtaining a favorable judgment from a court.

While you can’t expect any lawyer to win every time, you do want legal counsel that seems to come out on top in most cases. A higher percentage of wins indicates that you’re more likely to be happy with the outcome.


A personal injury lawyer can possess all these qualities and still now be the right one for you. One reason is the case load that the legal counsel is already juggling. If the schedule is already crowded, that leaves less time for you.

When a lawyer indicates he or she is unable to devote a reasonable amount of time to your case, take them at their word. If the lawyer should offer a referral to a colleague, accept it. That lawyer may be one who is also proficient with personal injury cases and does currently have time to take on one more.

Remember that selecting from the many personal injury lawyers around town is something to consider carefully. Start by contacting Steven Polak from Law123.ca, personal injury lawyers firm operating in GTA and see what can be done. You may find that doing so brings the search to an end and ensures that your personal injury suit is in good hands.

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