What Happens When A Fridge Is On The Fritz?

What Happens When A Fridge Is On The Fritz?
12 Sep 2019

It’s a remarkably simple appliance, but it’s also an unpredictable one sometimes. A fridge is a tool we can’t live without. It keeps our food frozen so we can thaw and eat it as if it were as fresh as the day it was made. It allows us to buy groceries that will last us up to weeks. This is great for when you’re living in a small town or village. Even better for when you’re snowed in and can’t get to the grocery store. The fridge also relieves us when we’re hot with ice cubes and ice creams. The microwave is seen as the most versatile appliance in the kitchen but the fridge is perhaps more so. So what happens at home when the fridge is on the fritz? Well, your food won’t stay fresh for long, it will create a capital city for bacteria and it could damage the internal system permanently if not checked.

A hyper cold

Usually, when the fridge isn’t working properly, we might think of it as not keeping the inside cold enough. However, sometimes it may be that the fridge’s evaporator coils are actually working overtime due to an error in the condenser coils or the compressor. This can mean that a huge build-up of solid ice forms even when the door is shut. With the door literally frozen shut from the inside, there’s no way to open the door to access the contents inside. You might think that the only way to open the door now is to shut the fridge off and let the ice melt and sacrifice the food too. However, you can use a turkey baster filled with boiling water to slowing melt the ice around the suction pads. Slowly work your way in and you may be able to open the door. If the ice is in the middle of the door then, unfortunately, you will need to lay some towels down and unplug the appliance.

A dying sound

The part with the most moving bits inside it in any fridge is the compressor. The expansion device is next and then it’s just a series of metal coils. Told you it was simple. When the compressor is making rattling noises your fridge may be taking its last few gasps. The other signs your fridge may need repairing is when there is uneven cold distributed on different shelves. If a couple of shelves are not as cold as the other two, then you know that there is some kind of weakness in the appliance. Contact a specialist appliance repair service which can not only fix your fridge at a low cost but starts off by giving you a free estimate. Some companies will send someone out just to take a look and still charge you for it without doing any work to fix it. So go with one that knows their craft so well that they can give you an estimate right with just the first contact.

It’s a simple appliance but when it goes bad, a lot of problems arise. Look out for rattling signs and disproportionate temperatures as signs of life fading from your fridge.

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