Ways to Make Your Garden Feel More Open and Spacious

Ways to Make Your Garden Feel More Open and Spacious
12 Mar 2021

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If you want to do something new with your garden and you feel it would benefit from a little more space or at least the illusion of more space, you’re in the right place. The decisions you make with regard to how your garden is put together will impact how open and spacious it feels, in turn impacting how big the garden looks and feels too. Read on to find out more about the tips that’ll help you get this right.

Create Structure and Pathways

Creating structure and pathways through the garden will definitely help to lend a feeling of space and openness to the garden. If your garden feels very messy and unstructured, it’ll add to the feeling that the space is limited and closed off. If there are routes through the different sections of the garden, it’ll feel much more organized and thought out.

Add More Layers to the Garden

Adding more layers to the garden is a really clever trick that genuinely works when it comes to making the space feel bigger. You can add a raised level, a decking area, raised shelves for potted plants or employ a range of other strategies. Adding these layers create visual space and a sense of depth that your garden might currently be lacking.

Keep Trees in Check

Keeping your trees in check is something that’ll definitely help you with keeping your garden looking and feeling more spacious. It’s not always a good idea to have big and unwieldy trees taking up space in your garden, especially if you don’t have much room to spare. With the help of professional tree services, you’ll be able to keep those trees in check and create more visual space.

Add Some Height with Climbing Plants

Adding some height to the space is a good way to make it feel more three dimensional and deep. Height itself isn’t a problem, especially when you use plants that add height without taking up lots of space. That’s why adding climbing plants to the fences and walls in the garden might be the way to do it. There are lots of great species of climbing plants that’ll help you with this.

Choose Flexible Garden Furniture

There are many good reasons to add new furniture to your outdoor space. Perhaps most importantly, it allows you to create a space to relax during the summer months when you want to spend more time outside. Choose furniture that’s easy to move around and can be stored away more easily. That way, you can change up your garden as and when you need to, creating more flexibility.

If you make the most of the tips above, you’ll be able to make your garden feel a lot more open and spacious than it feels right now. Even in a small garden, the tips we’ve discussed here will help to make it feel bigger and more open, resulting in a garden that looks bigger than it really is.

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