There’s Water Coming Through The Ceiling. What Now?

There’s Water Coming Through The Ceiling. What Now?
28 Sep 2019

A plumbing disaster is a real home nightmare. If a pipe or the water heater has burst and there’s a water feature dripping through your ceiling, it can be hard not to panic. What on earth are you supposed to do? Instead of panicking, react in the right way and minimize the damage. Here’s what to do.

If you’ve noticed water dripping from the ceiling, the most important thing is to stay calm and deal with the issue promptly. Think sensibly instead of panicking, and you’ll be better able to deal with it.

Find out where the water is coming through. As the circle of water spreads further across the ceiling, find something sharp like a screwdriver or any other sharp utensils and poke a hole in the middle of the circle. This allows any trapped water to leak out, letting the drywall inside dry out. This can massively reduce the amount of damage done to your ceiling. Don’t let the water sit in your ceiling, soaking into the wood and causing a bigger problem.

Catch the water that is coming through. It sounds obvious, but if you’re panicking, it can be easy to forget. Grab the washing up bowl or a bucket and get it under the drip quickly. Mop up any excess water on the floor to avoid anybody slipping and getting hurt. Injuries are the last thing you need when you’ve already got water causing a problem. If the leak is reaching the carpets, soak up any leftover water with towels to save them from further damage.

Turn on a fan. Even a basic plug-in fan pointed at the area can help the drying process get started. Getting wet isn’t what causes major damage. However, the longer things stay wet, the more damage will be done, so get the drying started as soon as you can. Leave a fan pointed at the wet patch and let it do it’s work.

Hire a Professional

Call a professional plumber. Messing about with leaks in the ceiling is not a task you should attempt yourself. A plumber can quickly and easily find what’s caused the problem and get it sorted for you, without causing further damage. If you attempt your own repairs, it can be easy to accidentally make the problem worse. They can minimise the damage done by the water too, and save you money on further repairs to damp ceilings or ruined carpets.

Find the cause of the problem. Is the water coming through the roof, or is it from the pipes? If it’s the roof, as well as a plumber, you’re going to need a professional roofer too. They can patch up any holes and replace any roof lining that has begun to let in water.

Be sure to deal with any problem you identify as quickly as you can. Water can do an enormous amount of damage that can be very expensive to repair. If there’s water coming in, get the problem repaired immediately and deal with any residual damage before the water can spread any further.

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  1. Literally us last weekend. What a mess! The washing machine broke and shot water everywhere.

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