VIP Night at Shrine Circus

08 Aug 2013

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With Wendy in Chicago for BlogHer, I was looking forward to taking the girls to see the Shrine Circus in Oakville.


The girls were super excited to see what the big top was all about!


Ringmaster Richard Curtis gave us a guided tour of the big top and the area in which all the animals are kept. When we went into the big top, Richard mentioned that it can seat up to 3000 people!

Contrary to what you may read elsewhere, it was very sanitary, the animals were treated very well, and the conditions in which they traveled were fine. There was lots of food and water available for the animals at any given time. Richard informed us that the animals were given plenty or free roaming time during off hours.


Rachel and Lauren, along with all the other kids, got to feed the elephants some carrots.


After, we all posed with the elephants.


Before the show started, I got the girls some lemonade and popcorn to enjoy during the show.


And they got their faces painted!


To start the show off, Richard sang “O Canada”, and then welcomed a few representatives from the Shriners.


A brief look around the big top showed every seat was filled… that meant that almost 3000 people were in attendance to watch the Oakville presentation of the Shrine Circus! Wow!


Watching the Videla Family was truly amazing experience! They wheeled around on those unicycles with great precision.


Rachel and Lauren’s jaws dropped when the youngest guy got onto the super-tall unicycle!


It was amazing seeing how well trained the lions were, and all the tricks they performed!

Piolita the circus clown kept us entertained during act changes, with the help of ringmaster Richard Curtis.


Gabriela was another highlight for the girls. Her single trapeze performance was astonishing!


The fast-paced flipping going on with the Poema Family was awesome! The guy laying down must have some super-strong legs to be able to flip another human like that, not to mention extreme balance!


The high-flying acrobatic show was amazing!

Overall, it was a fun experience for me and the girls.

Big Daddy

Disclaimer: I was given VIP passes to the Oakville event for this post. All opinions are my own.

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Here are a few more of the pictures I took:

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