Fleas in Your Garden? Get Rid of Them with These Useful Tips!

Fleas in Your Garden? Get Rid of Them with These Useful Tips!
08 Jun 2020

If you own a dog or cat and sometimes see them scratching themselves, it is very likely that your pet is being disturbed by fleas. They are not easy to notice because the moment you see them, they may disappear by jumping elsewhere. Most often fleas feed on human or animal blood, but they can be found in such places as your garden, yard, carpets, rugs and even beds. As soon as you verify that fleas are around your living environment, it is crucial to do something about it.

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Something you should know about fleas

Fleas are small, dark brown or black bugs that have no wings, but possess strong legs that enable them to jump to a remarkable height of 4 feet. They are common parasites that reside on the bodies of furry animals. Fleas multiply in number very quickly due to the fact that female fleas lay eggs every day. The eggs then develop into larvae that will later weave cocoons and grow into adult fleas. This life cycle may take days or weeks to complete, depending on the living conditions such as temperature or humidity. Therefore, if not controlled properly, a few fleas in the beginning, when left to themselves, may rapidly become a heavy infestation.

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Fleas trouble their hosts by sucking their blood, and their bites leave terribly itchy and painful spots. To make things worse, they could be the transmitting agents of various infectious diseases such as typhus, tapeworm, or plague. The fact that they can quickly move from one host to another, or jump up and attach themselves easily onto a host makes controlling them a little challenging.

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Where in your garden do fleas live?

If you have a large garden, you will not find fleas underground or in the trees. They like to live in shady areas among the grass or bushes where there is no direct sunlight and the humidity is quite high. Fleas can also take refuge among fallen leaves or stacked firewood where they are not easily noticed. They like sandy areas too.

If there are places in the yard where your pets lie, such as under a shady shrub, then there are most likely fleas there. If you have kennels outside for your dogs, then these should be cleaned out and sprayed for fleas on a regular basis. Any bedding inside there should be washed regularly.

How to remove fleas from your garden

Now that you know where to locate fleas in your garden, you need to know how to get rid of them. The main way to remove fleas from your garden is to keep it clean and tidy.

If the ground is full of fallen leaves or debris, make a plan to collect them and throw them away. Next, you should mow the lawn short enough for the grass to be exposed to the sunlight. In this way, the fleas will not be able to survive the heat from the direct sunlight. Because grass grows fairly quickly, mowing should be carried out on a regular basis to ensure that the fleas cannot survive.

Besides this, bushy areas that are created by vines or weeds should be removed as well because that is exactly where fleas love to stay. Firewood stacks in moist dark areas will be attractive to fleas. Thus, you should try to move your firewood to a dry, sunny location, which will not only help the wood to dry out properly so it can burn well in the fireplace, but will also clear away any flea wishing to reside on it.

If your garden faces a heavy infestation, flea control products can be used to reduce the flea population. Make sure you read the instructions carefully to apply the correct amount of the product, and if possible look for safe and environmentally friendly pesticides.

As a preventive measure, it is highly recommended that you plant some flea repellant plants such as peppermint, lavender, sage, lemongrass, and rosemary which may prevent fleas from invading your garden because they cannot stand the scent released by these plants. Humans and pets are safe around these plants, and enjoy their pleasant scent.

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Fleas be gone!

As far as fleas in the garden are concerned, they are tiny and difficult to identify, but once you have verified that they are actually in your garden, prompt action should be taken to remove them right away. Keeping the garden neat and clean is the key to fighting these bloodsuckers. However, other actions such as vacuuming your home regularly, and treating your pets for fleas will probably also need to be taken. If you simply kill the fleas in one place, they can easily move to other places and continue their infestation. The art of preventing all kinds of unwanted insects from invading your living environment lies in the clean and well-organized setup of your stuff. Cleanliness and sunlight are the keys for keeping away all types of pesky insects.

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