5 Ways You Can Use Concrete to Spice up Your Home

5 Ways You Can Use Concrete to Spice up Your Home
18 Oct 2019

There are many reasons why homeowners love using concrete for their renovation projects. The substance is easy to work with, cheap, durable, safe, and adaptable. Unlike brick, glass, marble, wood, stone, or clay, it can be used in multiple ways for construction. Here are some interesting ways you can use concrete for your home:

concrete driveway

1. On Your Driveway, Patio or Yard

Let’s start with the conventional. Concrete is an excellent material for your driveway, patio, or backyard, because of its strength and endurance. When installed correctly, a concrete driveway can withstand the weight of your barbeque set up, vehicles, and more. It’s also resistant to weather in a variety of climates.

If you pay attention to maintenance by applying sealants and repairing cracks, your outdoor concrete floor can last several decades. However, because of its strength, it will eventually need to be removed by a professional.

Here, it’s important to find a local company that’s been in the industry for years. For example, you can find skilled and professional concrete contractors in Alberta with decades of local experience that can offer quick and efficient concrete removal services. They are trained to use the latest technology and will recycle hazardous by-products on site.

2. An Accent Wall

There are several practical advantages of building your home with concrete. Unlike other building materials, it won’t rot, mold, or catch fire. It’s resistance to extreme heat and cold allows for lower energy bills. Moreover, a house with concrete walls is less likely to sustain damage in case of a big storm.

Even if your home is made of another material such as wood, you can still take advantage of the substance by adding a concrete accent wall. You can complement it with a wooden door and plants to complete the look. Adding colors and textures to this can also add personality to your home.

3. In the Kitchen

Concrete counters and islands in homes made of wood and brick are trending among homeowners. At an affordable cost, this option gives homes a rustic and stylish visual centerpiece in the kitchen. Concrete countertops are also more durable than their marble or granite counterparts. With regular upkeep, they can last over twenty years.

4. In the Bathroom

Like the kitchen, concrete can add warmth to the look of a bathroom. Try a concrete wall, sink, tub, or floor in your bathroom. A single concrete piece will match well with a marble bathroom. If you’re not ready for a large investment, you can try something as simple as tiles or a soap dish made with the material.

5. In the Living Room

Concrete can help spice up your living room in a variety of ways. You can build a fireplace made of concrete. This will stand out as an eye-catching centerpiece, especially if constructed with decorative concrete. The substance’s resistance to fire also makes it an excellent choice for constructing a fireplace.

If you don’t want to invest in larger upgrades, you can try concrete décor. Consider buying a coffee table, bookends, candles, chess set, or other smaller items made of the substance.

concrrete bed

These are a few ways you can use concrete to change the look of your home. The material has practical and decorative applications. In an ideal situation, it can serve both needs.

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