Urgh, What’s That Smell?

Urgh, What’s That Smell?
29 Nov 2019

During the winter days, most people dream of waking up with the sun rather than the sound of an alarm clock when everything is still dark outside. You can, of course, find other wakeup calls to change from the routine. Busy professionals enjoy the soft and gentle Circadian cycles inspired alarm clock, which wakes you up gradually by simulating the sunrise. It’s an excellent way of getting ready for a new day. If you’ve got an automated coffee machine, you can let the smell of freshly brewed coffee mark the beginning of a new day.

In short, there are many alternatives for your wakeup call. One idea that nobody has considered so far, because it’s highly unpleasant, is letting foul kitchen odours break the cozy comfort of your sleep. How can you make sure your kitchen doesn’t develop bad smells?

Your fishing reward!

Enthusiastic fishers make the mistake only once. Fishing is a hobby that requires a variety of skills, from being patient to learning how to gut a fish. Indeed, you can’t keep your freshly fished reward forever. Fish can develop a nasty odour extremely quickly; therefore, it’s essential to know how to prevent bad surprises. You need to wash and scale the fish to store it safely. As a rule of thumb, if you’re not going to eat it in the next couple of days, you should consider freezing the fish.

The fridge just died… again

Ah, refrigerators. We can’t live without them, but we still don’t understand how to make the most of them. Most people don’t know how to store food safely inside the fridge. As a result, you sometimes find yourself opening the door to a myriad of terrible smells, from the milk turned sour inside the door to the leftovers you didn’t cover. Additionally, poor storage habits can put your fridge at higher risks of breakage – as it wastes a lot of energy to maintain the temperature. You can imagine what your house would smell like if the fridge died in the middle of the night. A warm mixture of melted cheese, bad milk, unpleasant leftovers, etc. Before it comes to such an extent, you need to get in touch with an expert appliance repair contractor to address preliminary issues. What are the warning signs? The fluctuating temperature that causes your food to go bad quickly!

You cooked a fry-up

Fried food might be delicious to eat, but the house can smell for days after a fry-up. When closing your door doesn’t stop the smell from circulating through the house, you need to be smart about your cooking odours. Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight; you’ll notice an immediate improvement. You can also simmer spices to cover the smell.

There’s something rotten in the fruit bowl

Nothing beats the healthy sight of a fruit bowl. Except, perhaps when the dish smells like a rotting corpse you’ve just dug up from the local cemetery. Urgh! You need to keep your bowl clean and fresh to avoid such issues. Be sure to choose the right bowl for your needs and to keep a close eye on your fruit.

Getting to the bottom of your kitchen’s bad smells is a lot easier than it first seems. Unpleasant odours tend to come from a limited number of places, from the fridge to the fruit bowl. Homeowners who use a garbage disposer also need to keep it clean to avoid a smelly surprise in the morning.

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