Unusual places that are worth visiting for travellers

Unusual places that are worth visiting for travellers
18 Dec 2020

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Travelling and exploring the world is something that we are made to do. People aren’t meant to live their lives in a loop, seeing the same things over and over again while staying in the same place and working the same job their whole lives. Humans have traveled all around the world since the beginning. We can see throughout the world’s history that mankind was always keen on exploring unforeseen places, reaching depths in the world they never knew existed. Ever since man could travel overseas, we managed to disperse our kind all around the world.

Nowadays, travel is more common than ever before. According to the United Nations, around one and a half billion tourists travel around the world every year. This is over 50 times more than it was in the 50’s, where a total of 25 million yearly tourists were estimated to have traveled annually. This is definitely thanks to the fact that travelling has become easier than ever, due to the advancement of nowadays’ technology.

There are a total of 195 countries around the world, each offering a unique experience for travelers from all around the world. Each country has its own aspects which make it worth visiting. While some countries are more popular as travel destinations than others, it doesn’t mean that there’s any particular country in the world that’s not worth visiting. With tourism and ease of access to all countries increasing day by day, we are seeing an amazing turnover in the tourism industry, and this is helping most countries make themselves even better as travel destinations than ever before, making travel a lot more desirable for most enthusiasts.

Here are some of the more unusual travel destinations anyone looking might be interested in visiting, once they know what these countries have to offer!


Starting off strong with one of the most underrated places in the world, Australia can be anyone’s next travel destination. Known as the world’s largest Island, Australia is home to a massive variety of tourist destinations which anyone would be interested in visiting. Try driving along the Great Ocean Road, or maybe even go snorkelling at the great barrier reef, which is the largest coral reef in the world with more biodiversity than any other place on the planet! Not only that, but Australia is one of the cleanest countries in the world, with a very great value towards enjoying your time outside. To achieve this, the government has installed beautiful parks almost around every corner in the continent, open-to use public barbecues in all the beaches, parks, gardens, etcetera. The nicest thing about Australia though is the endless amount of natural beauty one can find there. You can see it all, from mountains, to forests, to ski slopes, to sandy surfer beaches and much much more. Definitely a place worth visiting for those looking for a great adventure with massive variety and numerous activities at hand.


Malta is a gorgeous tropical island, however it’s a lot smaller than the aforementioned Australia. Even though it has a much smaller variety than Australia, doesn’t mean it’s any less worth visiting. In Malta, one can find a mix of historic and modern buildings, ample nature and plenty of beautiful places to visit. When in Malta one can visit one of many gorgeous tropical beaches, surrounding the whole island. One can even visit one of Malta’s smaller neighbouring islands named Gozo and Comino, where one can find even more nature. One can even visit Blue Lagoon, which is known as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Another cool thing about Malta is a massive variety of online casino presence on the Island.

Czech Republic (Prague)

Prague is a gorgeous city with some of the most interesting architecture in the world. It’s filled with colourful buildings in a very unique antique style. Prague also has plenty of nature, parks, famous squares and more. Prague is also filled with an abundance of shopping centers with very good prices, and has a very indulging nightlife. There’s plenty of astonishing sights to see in Prague, including the Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, Lesser Town, and more. Prague is also famous for their amazing local cuisine and some really good, strong beer!


It’s difficult to match Switzerland due to the ravishing snow capped peaks and elegant towns oozing storybook beauty. This land – locked country is imbued with a fable charm by the towering alpine mountains of the Alps, shimmering blue lakes, emerald valleys, glaciers, and spectacular lakeside villages and towns. International commercial facilities and a long list of activities to do, including walking, hiking, camping, paragliding, tobogganing, and skiing, lie nestled among the rocky mountains and lakes.

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