Ultimate Travel Safety Guide Everyone Should Follow

Ultimate Travel Safety Guide Everyone Should Follow
24 Jan 2020

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Traveling is fun and exciting, but there are things to watch out for to ensure you’re traveling safely. Here are some rules to follow when taking a trip abroad.

Always bring a first-aid kit

Things happen when you’re abroad, and because you can’t really plan for them, the least you can do is be prepared for any emergencies. When packing your travel bag, be sure to bring a travel first aid kit you can access easily if there’s a need for it.

Whether you’re having problems with your stomach or need to treat a cut or a sprain, a first aid kit is good to have on hand. Other than the basics, you can also bring some additional items such as travel-size sunscreen, anti-histamines, as well as some extra painkillers.

Travel with a couple of other people

Individuals who travel alone are an easy target for experienced pickpockets and scammers. When you’re traveling in groups, it creates a much more powerful physical presence which will make anyone with ill-intentions think twice before approaching you. In case something bad happens such as you getting robbed, you have other people you can rely on to catch the thief.
We’re not saying you shouldn’t travel solo, but if you do, it helps to have some other people around you. Try to meet some other solo travelers and connect with them – backpacker hostels are great places for meeting new friends. Nevertheless, be cautious and never trust anyone too much, even though they seem like the friendliest person you’ve met.

Protect your valuables

Traveling with expensive items is never a good idea – they’re better left at home where they’re safe and secure. That being said, we can’t really travel without our phones, cameras, cash and credit cards. These are the things we can’t afford to have stolen, so we need to minimize the chances of getting robbed.

Other than avoiding places where the scams tend to happen more often, you should also bring backpacks and bags that are slash-proof. Also, bring your own padlock and ask the hotel staff if they’ve got a safe where you can store your valuables. Be sure to check online to see how secure the hotel is before you book it. If paying a bit extra for the room will give you peace of mind, do it.

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Health insurance is paramount

Accidents and injuries happen, and oftentimes they can’t be treated using your first aid kit. When such a situation arises, it helps to have a good health insurance plan that protects you financially. Not only will a good health insurance policy saves you money, but it’ll also spare you the trouble you’d otherwise have to go through if you didn’t have a valid health insurance plan.

So, how do you choose the right one? Luckily, there are websites you can use to make health insurance comparison online and find a policy that works for you. You can easily have it tailored to your preferences – all you’ve got to do is choose your cover options, compare different policies, and apply for one.

Beware of the scams

Other than being cautious about who you surround yourself with while traveling, it also pays to know what you can expect on your trip. Depending on the place you’re visiting, a quick Google search can show you exactly what scams you should watch out for as well as some tricks on how to protect yourself from pickpockets and scammers while traveling.

Every country is different, and while you may think you’ll be able to easily recognize a con artist, sometimes it’s harder than you think. So, to ensure nothing ruins your trip, keep an eye on the shady people, and take proper measures to secure your items. Which leads us to our next tip…

Aim to blend in

Tourists are easy to spot – they’re disoriented, their clothes scream ‘visitors’, and they have body language that gives them away, grabbing the attention of people that are up to no good. To avoid becoming an easy-to-spot target for various types of predators, try to pass yourself off as a local with the help of your outfit.

Aim to blend in, not just for your safety, but as a sign of respect as well. Different countries have different dress codes, and some are more conservative than others. As general advice, it’s best to dress modestly and conservatively as a way of paying respect to local customs. These things take seconds to Google, yet can spare you the trouble when abroad.

Don’t overshare

With the popularity of social media at its peak, people have become comfortable sharing every little detail of their lives. Vacations are something many people share about, tagging their locations and the names of the hotels they’re staying at.

However, sharing information that might affect your safety is never a good idea, online or offline. Don’t overshare on social media, and when asked about where you’re staying or whether it’s your first time visiting the country, don’t hesitate to tell white lies if you don’t trust the person. Better safe than sorry!

The world is full of wonderful things and places waiting to be discovered, but there are also things that can spoil your traveling experience. Keeping these travel safety tips in mind will ensure you stay secure while creating happy, lifelong memories on your trip abroad.

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