Trendy Ways to Make Your Home More Sustainable

Trendy Ways to Make Your Home More Sustainable
19 Aug 2020

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Whether you’re getting a new place or just looking to retrofit your current one to be more eco-friendly, there are different ways you can do this and incorporate some beautiful design while you’re at it. When thinking about style and sustainability, you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other, especially as more and more products are inherently gearing towards melding these two together. Here are some simple ways to make your house more sustainable and still hit your aesthetic preferences.

Switch to eco-friendly kitchenware

Arguably some of the most used items in a home, this is a great way to reduce the impact you have on the environment significantly. Go for cast iron and ceramics in cookware, which last longer so can be well worth the investment. Choose natural bamboo flatware to complement this and have a fresh look at every meal that is also better for sustainability. Try to avoid take-out containers that use Styrofoam or plastic, and make a habit of asking them to skip giving utensils so you can use your own.

Use eco-paint for any paint jobs

Paint can do a lot to give your space a splash of life, whether it’s replacing an old coat or adding the very first to some bare walls. Eco-friendly paints use components that are much less harmful to the environment and are meant to combat air pollution. Many also don’t have “volatile organic chemicals” present in traditional paints, so this is much better for the general health of anyone in the vicinity for extended periods.

Incorporate passive design

While this is easier to achieve in the process of building or renovating, you can also simply revamp your windows and adjust the set-up of your furniture for passive sustainable design. This design style calls for the consideration of how the sunlight and wind hit the indoors in congruence with climate and weather. By creating a design that naturally gears toward using that well, there is less need to use energy-sucking tools to improve the temperature and circulation inside the home.

Don’t be afraid to use reclaimed elements

Go beyond recycling and try to opt for some reclaimed furniture. That can add an extra layer to your overall design and can add notes of class or even mystique depending on how you paint or position them. Think reclaimed wood, used metals, and recycled glass that were just cast aside. With the right source, you can get them safely and see them transformed into a gorgeous piece that you can use for years to come in your house.

multi lighting hall

Go for LED lights

42% of Americans still don’t prefer LED bulbs, but these are much better for sustainability as they use 75% less energy than incandescent lamps, and they have better performance than CFL bulbs. They can produce better brightness and can still have the same aesthetic value as any light fixture, whether you want varied colors for a music room or you are seeking the look of an Edison bulb for a bar area. LED bulbs can achieve those designs and effects while lasting longer and producing much less heat.

All of these changes can make your home more sustainable and beautiful to boot.

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