The Wonders and Appeal of Traveling to Southeast Asian Countries

The Wonders and Appeal of Traveling to Southeast Asian Countries
15 Nov 2021

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Image by Allan Lau from Pixabay

When most people think of traveling the world, it is always the most famous European sightings that come to mind. Paris’ Eiffel Tower, Rome’s Colosseum, and Greece’s Santorini are the usual places that most people think of. However, did you know that Southeast Asian countries are the best places to enjoy when it comes to culture? If you are looking for places with welcoming locals, great food, and peaceful scenery, you can never go wrong with the Southeast Asian tourist spots.

Now that the world is gradually easing out of the pandemic, almost everyone is itching to travel again. After all, what is the best way to live your life but see new places? What is the essence of traveling if not enjoying new cultures and being mesmerized by how locals live? There is beauty in experiencing such new things, and you will be surprised as to how many wonderful things you can learn in Southeast Asia.

In this article, we will talk about what makes this region of the globe so special. We will also look at the things that make it different from the rest of the world. We will talk about how it is best for people who want to be travelers rather than mere tourists.

Nothing Can Compare to Asian Food

Have you ever heard about how Chinese food is so popular in the west? Although the term Chinese food is somehow applied to all Asian food, the fact that even Westerners are fond of it cannot be denied. Thus, whether you come from the Americas or you are already a Southeast Asian local yourself, there are so many dishes to try when you visit the region. From Singapore‘s Hainanese chicken, Indonesia‘s street food, and Taiwan’s pineapple cakes, your food-enthusiast self will be blown away by the taste range the region can offer.

Compared to Europe’s love for pasta, cheese, and salad, Southeast Asian cuisine is known for broths, noodles, street food, and of course, rice. Yes, the myth that Asians love their rice is a fact. Rice is a staple food for these countries. Each nation has its own rice variation that they are proud of, and that is yet another reason to go country-hopping in Southeast Asia. By the end of your trip, you will get to confirm which rice dish is the best, and you will never eat plain white rice ever again.

Southeast Asians are Good-natured

Many traveler vloggers, like Nas Daily (during his early days as an influencer), have said that people in the region are all kind, friendly, helpful, and resilient even. See, the Asian continent is just like any other place in the world where there are first-world countries and underdeveloped ones. However, do not let that fool you, locals no matter their station in life, will greet you with smiles on their faces. If ever you go to Taiwan for a Yangmingshan day tour to see the country’s tallest dormant volcano, you will find yourself enjoying the place with the locals. Taiwanese people would make you feel nothing less but comfortable, should you need directions or someone to take your photos, they would be more than glad to do so. Also, it is not just with the Taiwanese people but the general populace of the region.

When Nas came to visit another Southeast Asian country, the Philippines, he could spend the night without even shelling any amount of money. See, where else would you find this kind of hospitality if not in Southeast Asia?

Southeast Asia Has the Best Beaches in the World

Beaches are always the go-to during adventures and trips, and while Greece has Santorini, there is always the Philippine’s Boracay and Indonesia’s Bali that will make it more than worthwhile for the long hours you will spend on the flight. That is if you are coming from the opposite side of the globe, but even for local Asians, the beaches of other neighboring countries will complete your bucket list.

That is the thing about archipelagic countries; even the smallest countries will surprise you with their hidden beach gems. Yes, you may have heard about the Maldives, but there are still undiscovered places in the region that will make your traveler’s heart stop.

Final Thoughts

The world is slowly recovering from the pandemic, and so does tourism. The next time you find yourself checking the map to see where you will go next, visit Southeast Asia and marvel at the rich culture and wonders that the region has to offer.

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