Travel Essentials for the Whole Family

Travel Essentials for the Whole Family
11 Sep 2020

Whether the issue is bringing too much or always forgetting something important, even the most experienced of travelers can make packing mistakes every once in a while. However, packing for a family vacation is always a different story, especially if you’re traveling with small children who are notoriously challenging to pack for. So, to help you pack more efficiently and make your holidays that much easier and more relaxing, here is a breakdown of overall travel essentials for the entire family:

Stocking up on important gear for the kids

If your goal is to have a relaxing and enjoyable holiday, without much fuss, tantrums and stress, one of the best things you can do is keep your children happy and entertained during your travels. Of course, their needs will depend on their age, and you should pack accordingly.

For instance, if you have infants or toddlers, the regular diaper bag supply, a portable carrier, as well as enough clothes to make up for any accidents, are essentials you simply can’t overlook. If your children are older, on the other hand, then maybe they could pack two pairs of shoes and a change of clothes for each day in their own small carry-on, allowing you to distribute some weight and save on precious space. Either way, don’t forget about specific outdoor gear you might need, such as sunscreens, swimsuits, sunglasses and hats, or raincoats, weather-appropriate shoes and umbrellas, depending on your vacation.

Make sure your kids are entertained during the trip as well, whether that means packing books, stuffed toys, coloring books and crayons, beach toys, or even a tablet loaded up with movies, TV shows and fun music that will keep your children happy and distracted.

Making sure mom has her essentials prepared

As mom will most likely be the main planner, organizer and caretaker, her number one priority should be practicality. For example, you probably won’t be able to do your hair or visit a salon every day of your vacation, which is why you might want to consider getting long clip in hair extensions before the trip. This will allow you to have a thick, voluminous and gorgeous hairstyle each day, while saving you some necessary time and effort.

Similarly, putting on a full face of glamorous makeup every day won’t be plausible. For that reason, you should aim for only practical and versatile makeup items, such as a bronzer that can serve as an eye shadow as well, or a cream blush that can also be used as a lipstick, allowing you to touch up in an instant.

It might also be wise to think about constructing a travel capsule wardrobe. This means packing less clothes which are all quite simple and neutral, giving you the opportunity to mix and match your items effortlessly, while still looking polished and put-together. Not only will a capsule travel wardrobe make your mornings incomparably simpler on your vacation, but it will also save some precious luggage space you undoubtedly need when traveling with your family.

Equipping dad with his own travel necessities

Apart from essential toiletries, make sure to pack at least two pairs of shoes, two or three bottoms, and a change of tops for each day of your vacation, as well as any outdoor gear you might need for the trip. If you’re going to be the one carrying a backpack during family activities, make sure it’s equipped with enough water and snacks, apart from other kid essentials, in order to keep your children happy and content during the trip.

You could also take some weight off mom’s mind, and be the person in charge of keeping all the necessary travel documents, including tickets, passports and travel insurance, safe and secure during the commute, as well as the duration of the holiday.

Don’t forget to bring some additional gadgets as well, such as a camera and a few extra memory cards, which will allow you to take beautiful shots of your family, and turn them into unforgettable memories.

While preparing the whole family for a vacation might present a challenge, these essential packing items will allow you to get organized, and pack the whole family as quickly and efficiently as possible.


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