Surviving A Family Road Trip: Top Tips To Stay Sane Whilst Travelling With Kids

Surviving A Family Road Trip: Top Tips To Stay Sane Whilst Travelling With Kids
14 Aug 2019

As a general rule, most parents avoid long car journeys with their children at all costs. This is down to the havoc usually experienced when you fail to prepare yourselves properly, but in many cases travelling with family can actually be a really fun experience. The screaming and arguing that usually echoes from the back seat can be avoided, and with the right planning you can ensure that both you and your children can enjoy your road trip to its full potential. If you would like to find out how you can deduct from the stress of family car journeys, then read on to discover some of the best top tips that you can make the most of and implement today!

Prepare Your Car For The Journey

One of the first mistakes you can make that will cause havoc throughout the entirety of your trip is failing to prepare your car for the experience. Firstly, if you have young children that are simply not able to take up the space of a usual car seat safely, you must invest in the right comfortable booster seat that ensures ultimate security throughout your journey. By allowing your little ones to have a say in which booster seat you purchase for them, they may become less negative towards getting in the car, as they will feel as though they contributed somewhat to their own space inside. Be certain that your vehicle has a spare tire, and consider seeking new tire installation before commencing any big trips to make sure that you do not encounter any issues that may bring fear and upset to smaller passengers.

Pack Some Snacks & Bring A Toy Or Two

One of the best things you can do to keep kids calm in the car is to provide them with something that will occupy their thoughts and take their mind off what’s actually happening. Depending on the length of your journey, packing some snacks to take with you will definitely help to perk up spirits, and can be used as a reward for good behaviour too. Opt for dry foods that fit into small hands and won’t cause a huge mess, and always bring enough water to go around as dehydration inside a hot vehicle is a very uncomfortable experience. As well as including some food, you may also want to consider packing a couple of different games or toys for your little ones to play with whenever they get bored. Opt for those that are more relaxing and calm rather than their high energy loud counterparts, as although your children may have just as much fun with each, you may end up going crazy in the driver’s seat!

Stop Frequently & Take A Break

As a rule, you should aim to stop your car every 2 hours or every 100 miles respectively, as both you and your little ones will begin to feel ‘cabin fever’ when closed inside for long periods of time. Each time you stop, aim to develop some kind of exercise or stretching routine that will get the blood pumping around all of your families bodies and reduce the likelihood of encountering any medical issues along the way. It may be that your children do not want to get out of the car at some points, yet you must do all you can to motivate them to move their legs – if you find a service station, bring a tennis ball and propose a game of catch in the park! This will also help your little ones to get a better chance of sleeping later on in their journey, which will bring stress levels down to an all time low and allow you to drive peacefully to your destination.

With any luck, these hacks should help you and your family to have the best experience possible on your next road trip. Long car journeys really do not have to be doused in stress and panic, as it’s completely possible to prepare yourself and drive to Disney World with no stress. Be sure that your car itself is ready for your drive, containing the right safety gear and relevant replacements should anything go wrong along the way. Pack some snacks to fuel your little ones with some healthy energy, avoiding anything that might cause a huge mess such as sticky foods or those that may melt. Games are a lifesaver to occupy your kids and take their mind off what you’re actually doing, but be sure that they will not end up causing a huge distraction that may impair your driving or increase your own stress levels.

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