Top 6 Sustainable Luxury Destinations in the World

Top 6 Sustainable Luxury Destinations in the World
17 Jul 2019

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The fact that traveling is more available today than ever opens up so many new opportunities to make our trips truly special. In our attempts to achieve maximum luxury, though, there is another thing that we must pay attention to, and that is that we don’t cause harm to our planet. Thankfully, more and more holiday destinations are realizing the importance of preserving our environment and sustainable travel is becoming widely available as we speak, so all we have to do is make the right choices. Here are a few of the places that pride themselves in being sustainable while not compromising on the luxury at all:

Song Saa Island in Cambodia

A lot of people agree that a Southeast Asian vacation is almost unrivaled when it comes to exotic beaches and interesting cultures and foods. However, few would name Cambodia as the first place that comes to their mind. This country is, nevertheless, like an undiscovered gem and you can find sustainable luxury spots here perfect for the kind of vacation you are looking for. For instance, Song Saa Private Island is a great example and a great choice – this island was purchased by a couple who decided to rehabilitate the then littered and neglected piece of land. Today it is a beautiful luxury island destination that still cares about environmental preservation on the daily, in which guests can take part too.

Luxury Destinations 2 New Zealand wilderness

New Zealand wilderness

New Zealand is, without a doubt, a dreamlike landscape with vivid greens and breathtaking mountain views. It’s still not overrun by tourists so you can enjoy an unadulterated getaway far from the rest of the world in a friendly environment. A convenient private jet hire will fly you to Auckland in utmost comfort, and then you have numerous choices as to what part of the country you want to savor. A great option would be choosing to stay as close to nature as possible, and you can do that by staying at the so-called “PurePods,” minimalist but luxurious glass constructions nestled in the wilderness. Your glass ceiling will allow you to sleep under the stars while still being comfortable and toasty warm!

Luxury Destinations 3 Daintree Rainforest in Australia

Daintree Rainforest in Australia

A perfect combination of untamed wilderness with comfort, you can spend a luxurious holiday in the world’s oldest and Australia’s largest rainforest stretch if you decide to book yourself a room at Daintree Eco Lodge. As if the closeness of tranquil nature wasn’t enough for complete relaxation, you can also enjoy spa treatments at this resort, all while remaining as sustainable as possible. It is worth venturing out, though, and spending some time exploring all the natural beauties of the rainforest, the hidden pools and the high treetops, or if you’re feeling adventurous, you might even check out the zip lines.

Luxury Destinations 4 Tahiti private island Tetiaroa

Tahiti’s private island Tetiaroa

Choosing a luxury resort for your next holiday in French Polynesia simply cannot be a bad decision, but choosing a sustainable one will enrich your stay even further. The luxury resort called “The Brando” on the island of Tetiaroa is one that cares about sustainability and aims to preserve the beautiful setting it is in. You have everything you might want at this luxury resort from bars to even a library, so you can be assured your stay will be unmatched. Finally, you can get pampered in a magnificent spa for maximum relaxation.

Luxury Destinations 5 Hayman Island

Hayman Island

Australia sure has countless amazing spots that make any trip worthwhile, just as we previously mentioned with the Daintree Rainforest; however, another luxurious gem worth mentioning is Hayman Island, part of the Whitsundays that already have an immaculate reputation and boasts the cleanest, most perfect beach in the world. Now, Hayman Island has gone through somewhat of an upgrade recently and is just opening to show its new face – a private island resort “reimagined,” as articles tend to refer to it. What is for sure is that you are to have an incredible experience in this natural paradise, considering that it is located in the Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest coral reef that boasts colorful biodiversity that makes diving a must-try activity if you’re visiting.

Luxury Destinations 6 Fiji


Fiji is an archipelago of hundreds of islands, but today we are going to stay on the main island, more precisely, the southern coast of it where the award-winning resort, Matanivusi Beach Eco Resort is located. Spectacular sunsets over the white beaches, charming creeks, and lush forests are just some of the things that await you in this paradise. You can enjoy the many activities in Fiji including sports such as kayaking and beach volleyball, but there is plenty of opportunity for hikes and other relaxing activities too. Not to mention that surf enthusiasts will have the chance to surf to their heart’s content as well. It’s the best of both worlds.

Luxury Destinations 7 Fiji

Sustainability is the name of the game nowadays, and for a good reason, as that is the only way we can continue to enjoy what Mother Earth has given us. There are so many beautiful places in the world worth seeing that taking that extra step to make our visit eco-friendly goes a long way in preserving these places for future generations to see.

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