Man vs. Wild: The Top 5 Tips to Survive in the Wilderness

Man vs. Wild: The Top 5 Tips to Survive in the Wilderness
19 Oct 2020

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Given the popularity of wildlife trips, one cannot deny the significance of survival tips in a jungle during an emergency.

The Necessity of Survival Tips in a Jungle

It is hard to lose your way in a jungle in the era of GPS, and the easy availability of a smartphone. However, who might say? And if you find yourself in a “Bear” Grylls situation, you would want to know how to survive like an expert.

The Top 5 Tips

1. Find a shelter:
Or correctly speaking, create a shelter. The process should be simple, less time consuming, and less laborious. The best thing is to rely on the lean-to. All you need is to stay safe while you sleep at night.

The process of building is simple. Lean up 2 long sticks against a tree and place branches against them.

survive tent

2. Water in the jungle:
If you are not particular about consuming safe drinking water, there are high chances that you may suffer from diarrhea or other water-borne diseases. Hence, either boil it or collect the rainwater. If both methods seem to be impractical, you can create a solar water still.

You will have to dig a hole in the ground, place a container at the center, surround it with damp leaves and cover it with a plastic sheet. Water will be accumulated inside the container with the help of condensation.

3. Find the food:
Conduct a detailed study on the jungle that you are going to visit and note down the sort of edible fruits found here. Better to stick with the plants you know already. Depend on fruits or herbs as hunting animals may lead you to a legal soup.

survive leopard

4. Watch out for predators:
Even if you are unaware of it, the threat from the predators is always there when you are stranded in a jungle. For instance, in Tadoba Tiger Reserve, there are high chances of confronting a Bengal Tiger or an Indian Leopard. If you stay within the cozy comfort of the Tadoba national park resorts, you are safe.

The wildlife experts opine that when stranded in a jungle, it is better to blend in with the surroundings. Unlike the popular perception, making a noise might attract more trouble. The predator might read it as a sign of danger and out of fear, might attack the source of the noise.

survive tiger

5. Keep on moving:
Finding a way out of the jungle is probably one of the most difficult things to do among the rest of the tasks. Better to make a mark from where you have started your journey so that if you return back to the same spot, you could change the direction and take a new path.

If you find a stream, follow it so that you may reach a settlement. However, keep an eye on the predators as well because they come to the stream to quench their thirst.

Fortify yourself with knowledge and equipment. Ward off the dangers of a wildlife tour by keeping these tips in mind to survive in the wilderness.

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