Top 10 Best Meal Kits in Canada for 2021

Top 10 Best Meal Kits in Canada for 2021
08 Jun 2021

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We are in the era of being busy; everyone is multitasking as they go about their daily responsibilities and general life. The downside of being busy and always on the go is lesser time to worry about buying groceries, planning and preparing meals. Despite this lack of time, most people still want to eat well and not just any kind of meal, but healthy home-cooked foods.

Thankfully, the best meal kits in Canada are here to the rescue. With the coming of meal kits into the limelight, Canadians and, of course, everyone else can get to eat wholesome homemade meals without having to fit the rigors of meal planning, buying, cooking into their busy schedules. Here are the 10 best meal kits in Canada in 2021.

10 Best Meal Kits Review

1. Hello Fresh

This is one of the most popular meal kit brands in Canada, and most consider it the best as well. Since they are the biggest meal kit service, they can usually deliver their meals around the country faster than most of the others (they are available to over 95% of Canadian households). And, of course, they deliver tasty and highly nutritious meals right to your doorstep.

Hello Fresh Canadian meal serving options start from a little bit over $10 per serving, and yes, it includes a family plan. Their food servings include pre-measured and pre-cut meal ingredients that can be prepared into delicious meals in less than 30 minutes. Depending on your subscription, you can get 2-4-persons or more quantities of meal packages.

If you’re a vegetarian, their exclusive veggie option got you covered. Hello Fresh has an app that makes your interaction with them on your wants seamless. From what we have seen so far, they also offer one of the best customer service and customer satisfaction. Here’s something phenomenal about them: they make use of a recycling program in their pursuit of a greener earth.

2. Fresh Farms

Just like Hello Fresh, Fresh Farms is another popular meal kit subscription service in Canada. They actively promote their meals as wholesome and nutritious meals (health-conscious). For this reason, they offer diverse servings options for healthy living and dieting instead of just offering regular meals.

Fresh Farms claim to source all of their groceries locally and in an environmentally friendly manner. This could be a form of homage to their brand name “Fresh Farms.” According to their founder, their meals are almost 100% organic. Again, just like Hello Fresh, Fresh Farms lookout for environmental sustainability. This is why they deliver their meals in reusable tote bags rather than plastics, nylon bags, or cardboard boxes.

As of now, Fresh Farms doesn’t deliver meals around the country. They mostly deliver within Toronto (their base) and surrounding areas. Although Fresh Farms meals can be a bit on the expensive side, it is worth it when you think about the value they offer.

3. Goodfood

Founded in Montreal, Goodfood is another spectacular meal kit service deliverer. They deliver mainly to Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario, and the Maritimes. Although, the company is now planning to stretch further.

Goodfood has one of the largest food subscription brands in Canada. In terms of prices, Goodfood is quite similar to Hello Fresh and also offers similar servings options. Interestingly, some of their lowest meal kit options can offer you as low as $9 for a small-sized family dinner.

Goodfood’s meal kits are tasty and nutritious; they also provide several low-carb options for dieting. Although their meals are slightly smaller than Hello Fresh, that’s no big deal since their prices are a bit lower.

4. Chef’s Plate

Chef’s Plate, based in Toronto, is considered one of the best and fastest-prep meal kits companies in Canada. After starting in 2014, they were able to set their brand apart from the other meal kits companies by offering 15-minute meals (of course, this was a much quicker meal preparation offer than that of other companies.) This, coupled with providing a wide variety of meal subscription options, made them gain dedicated customers in just a little while, and their customer base is still going strong.

If you are particular about having meal options with diverse spices and flavor, then Chef’s Plate should be your g-to. Also, they offer relatively cheap yet wholesome meals. So, if you are living on a limited budget, you are at the right place.

5. Home Chef

Home Chef is a top-tier meal kit subscription company that offers its customers fresh and high-quality prepared ingredients and unique recipes to make wholesome meals within 10-15 minutes. Most people consider their easy-to-flow yet unique recipes to be the best part of patronizing Home Chef. You’d find that so many meals which people think are hard or almost impossible to cook at home are well-broken down by this meal kit brand.

They also offer diverse meal kit options to accommodate almost all eating lifestyles and diets. To sweeten the deal, they provide no less than 15 meal options per week, and alongside that, you get offered some lunch and snack options as well. To make your meal preparation much easier and faster, all your pre-prepared ingredients are measured and divided per meal into labeled bags. And, of course, the fully-curated recipe instructions are added as well.

6. Cook It

Cook It is one of the smaller meal kit companies in Canada; it was founded in Quebec. At the moment, they only deliver meal kits within Ontario, Quebec, and environs. Cook It offers both a regular meal plan and a vegetarian plan. They also have a diverse selection of add-ons and extras to add to your meals when you want varieties.

They are one of the few companies that have ready-to-eat meals available. Each week, they have four ready-made meals from which you can choose from, or you could also ask for them all. There’s also one breakfast meal on their menu each week. What more? They have a wide variety of pantry items like eggs, yogurt, milk, oil, etc., that you can add to your delivery collection each week. Meaning you’d only need to go grocery shopping occasionally.

7. Prepd

Prepd is a Toronto-only meal kit company specializing in offering highly nutritious yet budget-friendly meal kits to their Toronto-based customers. Prepd allows you to choose meal servings options for 1-4 people up to 5 times weekly. Since Prepd services just Toronto, they can usually deliver their meals swiftly compared to most of the other meal kits companies. And just like Prepd advertises, their meals can be prepared in less than 30 minutes. In fact, most of their customers boast that they can cook their pre-prepared meals without stress in less than 20 minutes.

One absolutely cool aspect of Prepd is that they deliver on Sundays (it’s no news that most meal kits companies don’t do this). Of course, they usually call ahead to make sure that you’ll be home to receive your meal. They also offer a one-serving trial option that allows you to try out their service to see if it suits you. Again, they are one of the few companies to offer this.

8. Miss Fresh

Miss Fresh is another big-name meal kits company in Canada. They deliver delicious and affordable meal options throughout Canada. Miss Fresh has diverse menus that accommodate all eating lifestyles and diets, including vegetarians, vegans, and keto-dieters.

Although Miss Fresh offers wholesome meal packages, where they truly shine is their breakfast and snack options. Miss Fresh happens to be a go-to for people on tight budgets because they offer diverse promotional coupons that can help the customers cut down on their spending.

9. LiveFit

Want to eat healthily or stick to a particular diet with meal kits? LiveFit is probably what you’re looking for. Of all the meal kit companies available in Canada, LiveFit offers the most when it comes to specialty meals, dietary accommodations, and meal types. Some of the specific diets they cater are: vegan, vegetarian, keto, gluten-free, and halal.

They also have special meals for different weight goals or health prescriptions. So, if you have any special requests concerning your meal, you only have to inform them. Additionally, they offer other extras like breakfast options, kid-meals, drinks, and build-your-own meals and deliver pantry items. So, regardless of wherever you are, LiveFit can have your meal kits delivered to you as long as it’s within Canada.

LiveFit does not offer weekly meal plans based on the number of people/servings. Instead, they allow you to choose the number of prepared meals you want to order. They also don’t require a recurring subscription like other meal kit companies. So, you can request fresh meals as you want on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

10. Athlete’s Kitchen

Athlete’s Kitchen offers perfect meals for those with busy lifestyles but wants to be intentional about what they eat, particularly active (sports, gym, etc.) people. Athlete’s Kitchen has five different plans which are targeted towards the preference of diverse people. This is because some people want to build muscle mass while others want to lose or gain weight. Taking all these into consideration, some of their meals are low in carbs while some are low in it, some meals are packed with good quality fats, protein, and plant-based.

Your weekly meal kit can be delivered straight to your door, or you could pick it up yourself at their store. Athlete’s Kitchen usually requires a minimum of six meals per week to complete the order. And the fresh meals are usually delivered on Sundays and Wednesdays. Even though their meals are pretty much for staying healthy, they still look and taste so good.

How Did We Choose the Best Online Meal Kits?

To create this meal kit companies reviews guide, we collected information from the companies’ websites, customer reviews, and reporting sites. Meal kits are increasingly becoming a popular option for people who rarely ever have the time to shop groceries, prep, and cook meals yet still want to eat good meals. This is why several meal kit services keep springing up across the country.

But since your meal kit subscription would be a monthly or even yearly part of your budget, it’s only right that you settle for one that’d offer you the best service that’d suit your preference. That’s why we created this review guide to help you choose the best meal kit service that’d suit your budget, taste buds, and needs.

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