Tips for Making a Small Bathroom Look Elegant

Tips for Making a Small Bathroom Look Elegant
31 Jan 2023

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Creating practical yet stylish spaces is a must when it comes to high-traffic areas of the home such as the bathroom. However, this isn’t always an easy feat, especially when you’re working with a smaller square footage.

While designing functional small bathrooms can be challenging, it’s not impossible. With some practical design tips up your sleeve, you can manage to design a space that’s both elegant and functional for everyday use. Here are some of the best tips we’ve found that can help you achieve that.

Install additional storage to organize your bathroom in style

When looking for ways to dial up that luxe factor in your bathroom, you want to start by adding the much-needed storage. Not only will chic bathroom storage solutions help tame the clutter, but they’ll drastically change the overall bathroom look.

First, create a dedicated spot for all the bathroom essentials such as towels and toiletries. Then, install cabinets and shelves to add extra storage for all the add-ons. Finally, rely on hooks and rods to tame vertical clutter. You can also add trays on your vanity to store day-to-day essentials, thus creating a functional and sophisticated morning/evening retreat.

Go for large-scale upgrades that ensure a stunning visual appeal

Some of the most transformative tips for making a small bathroom look elegant have to include some larger-scale design updates. From installing new bathroom tiles to updating bathroom tapware to changing the layout, there are many ways to give your cozy oasis a drastic makeover it deserves. Floating vanities are ideal for minimizing visual clutter, interesting tile finishes can add character while rose gold and matte black fixtures serve as elegant and sophisticated touches.

To ensure a successful bathroom remodel project, consider working with the pros. They can offer various design tips and inspiration while also helping you avoid making costly mistakes. Plus, you can get a free estimate for your remodeling project, which is always a good idea.

Use natural light, color palette and mirrors to create a sense of spaciousness

While your bathroom may not be the biggest one, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t make it feel bigger. In fact, all you need to do is think strategically before introducing any bathroom elements.

Start by creating a neutral backdrop with colors such as white, beige, and gray. These colors don’t only look classic and timeless – they also help boost natural light. Then, install some decorative wall mirrors to bounce off the light that’s coming in. Better yet, mirror one of your bathroom walls for a double effect. Consider layering your artificial lighting as well, and go for a transparent, clear glass shower enclosure instead of framed ones for that clear, airy feel.

Add some warmth with natural materials and soft, cozy textiles

Aside from spaciousness, you also need to focus on creating a sense of cohesiveness within your living space. The bathroom is, after all, a part of your home, not a separate area. As such, it needs to feel warm and welcoming. To achieve that, consider bringing in some homely details.

For instance, wooden accents such as baskets, stools, and countertops are perfect for adding warmth. Soft towels and candles help create a spa-like feel while decorative cloths and mats add texture and enhance visual appeal. Just make sure to stick to similar materials as this will help you avoid that busy, cramped feel.

Decorate with sophisticated, oversized artwork and lush greenery

When working with a compact bathroom, you want to make sure that you introduce decorations strategically. Too many ornaments can lead to your bathroom feeling cluttered. Consider limiting yourself to several tasteful, carefully selected pieces. Go for a large-scale piece of art to inject some color to your walls, and rely on colorful rugs to achieve the same effect when it comes to your bathroom flooring.

To add that final touch, rely on lush greenery. It’ll act as a breath of fresh air, absorbing the toxins from the space while also looking effortlessly stylish and chic. Just make sure to get the right plants for your bathroom area. This will ensure that they thrive, serving as a beautiful and functional addition to your cozy oasis.

Wrapping up

Our bathrooms are some of the most used areas of the home, along with our kitchens. This is why they ought to be designed in a way that will make it easy for you to use them on a daily basis without them feeling cluttered and unorganized. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to create a stunning bathroom oasis that will ooze with elegance and sophistication while still serving as a functional area for starting and finishing each day.

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