Tips For Maintaining Safety When Driving A Truck

Tips For Maintaining Safety When Driving A Truck
18 Aug 2021

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Whether you have invested in an electric truck or a pickup truck, you will want to know how to maintain safety on the road. Trucks can be more challenging to drive and navigate than a car. If you are new to truck driving or have picked up a new career, here are some tips for maintaining safety on the road.

Have access to truck repair

Ensuring you have access to truck repair service will help you maintain safety on the road. If you break down, you will be able to call the services and get help right away. You won’t have to wait around for too long and block the road and maybe a safety hazard.

When you have access to truck repair, you will also be able to get your truck back in working condition sooner than you think. You should avoid driving the truck until it is fixed and ask for it to be double-checked before heading out onto the road.

Be aware of potential blind spots

When driving a car, the blind spots are quite clear and obvious. However, the larger the vehicle, the more blind spots you are likely to have.

Being aware of potential blind spots will ensure that you can avoid near-crashes and be safer on the road for the sake of yourself and others on the road.

Slow down on bends

Driving around bends and corners in a truck can be much more of a challenge than a car. Thus, make sure to slow down on bends to avoid tipping over or going too far on the other side of the road.

Although the speed limit might be higher than the speed you go around the bend, it is best to slow down and maximize your safety.

Maintain your truck

Just like any vehicle, it is important to maintain regular checkups on your truck. You likely use it for long trips. Thus, you won’t want to get stuck mid-journey.

If you perform regular checkups, you will be able to avoid breaking down. Make sure to top up the oil, check the tire pressure, and check the electrics. You will be able to drive with peace of mind and not risk breaking down due to a lack of truck maintenance.

Be hydrated and alert

Driving when you haven’t eaten, drunk, or had enough sleep could be detrimental to your health. You should always make sure to eat, drink, and sleep before you head out on a long drive in your truck.

If you do feel hungry, dehydrated, or fatigued on the road, make sure to pull over and replenish yourself. You will be able to maintain your safety and be a safer driver.

Signal early

When you approach a junction and know that you need to turn, you will likely need more of the road than smaller vehicles. This could be a danger to other drivers.

Therefore, ensure to signal early and let them know that you are turning and need plenty of room.

Warn yourself about the weather

Extreme weather conditions could be a danger to you and others on the road. Ice and heavy rain could increase your risk of slipping and being involved in a crash.

If you can avoid driving during these times, then you should. If not, ensure to take the necessary measures:

• Drive in a high gear
• Avoid harsh braking
• Drive slowly
• Replace tires

Be aware of your braking distance

Every vehicle has a different braking distance. Knowing yours before you head out on the road will ensure that you stop in time and avoid crashes.

To test your braking distance, choose a fixed point on the road ahead. Ensure that the road is clear – it could help to use a racing track. Then, test your braking abilities at various speeds. You will be able to get to know your truck better and drive safer on the road.

Avoid distractions

If you are on a long trip, you will be vulnerable to being easily distracted. You should avoid distractions at all costs to ensure that you don’t miss an oncoming vehicle or red traffic light.

You should turn your phone off, ensure that water is within reaching distance and have your music set to a low volume. If you allow yourself to be easily distracted, then you could lose focus on the road and put yourself, your truck, and other drivers at risk. Before you set off, ensure that all distractions are eliminated.

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