Add Some Personality: Tips for Colour Coordination in Your Condo

Add Some Personality: Tips for Colour Coordination in Your Condo
02 Nov 2020

Busy people prefer living in condos because they are strategically located near downtown areas, so commuting to work isn’t a hassle. A condo might be smaller than the usual house, but a smaller space doesn’t necessarily mean less.

Spice up your condo by adding colour to your walls. If you’re not sure what colours to use, here are some tips to help you make your unit more lively and more inviting. An apartment which feels like home will make you want to go home every day.

Condo different colours

Condo Colour Tips

You might have recently bought the perfect condo from sites like PreCondo, but you want to bring a splash of colour to your walls. If you do, here are some tips for helping you achieve the best paint job for your condo.

Go for Bold Colours
If you’re not afraid to go bold, bright colours are okay for small spaces. Some people are so scared to use strong shades, because it might overpower the rest of the colours inside the room.

Bright colours, when used properly, can enhance the beauty of a room. Pair it with low-hanging lights and art pieces.

Dark Isn’t Always Gloomy
People tend to discard dark colours because it’s too gloomy, or it will make a room look like a cave. However, dark shades can also be cozy, but it depends on how you use the colour for your walls. If you’re still hesitant, you can use dark tones as accents.

Condo bathroom

Negative Space Isn’t Bad
If you’re using bold colours, you can also put space in between the patterns. Gaps will dilute the overall intensity of the paint colour, and it will also allow you to create exciting designs for your wall design.

Use Colours to Create Unity
It’s distracting to come into a room and see several shades, all of which do not match. It’ll make your rooms look messy and disorganized.

Even if you are using several colours, make sure that the colours are cohesive and that they work well together. Get pillowcase covers that complement your wall colour, or other pieces of furniture in the room.

Sail Away with Nautical Shades
If your rooms have low ceilings, you can use off-white shades to your advantage. Cool shades of blue can also work to make rooms cozier.

Condo colour combinations

Colour Suggestions

If you’re painting your condo, here are some colours which you can use in decorating your walls. Choose the best shades that you’re comfortable with, and don’t be afraid to experiment with various tones.

Sunny Yellow
Yellow can bring out the brightness of a room, mainly if it is in a dark area of a building. Yellow can make your room look sunny and inviting, and an eggshell finish can help boost the brightness of the walls.

Earthy Orange
Orange is a tricky colour to work with, but it’ll work if you pair it up with wood floor and gold accents. Choose a warm and not-too-bright shade for your walls.

Going Green
You can use green in your kitchen to make it look more inviting. The colour can also let you relax while you cook your food or do the dishes. Try pairing a lighter shade for the walls with darker green accents.

Just Peachy
Peach is a vibrant colour that you can use for your walls. It’s bright, but not bright enough to overwhelm the entire room. Try this colour to achieve a fun and perky vibe.

Stray to Gray
Neutral shades will never go out of style. Light grey colours can make your rooms feel more airy and refreshing.

Condo neutral paint

Colour Combinations

If you are more of the experimental type, don’t be afraid to mix and match colours. Here are some combinations which you can use for your condo.

Neutrals, with a Splash of Red
Grey and white are safe colour choices for your walls, and even for your furniture. If you’re going with neutrals for your walls, add a hint of red to your curtains or your furniture.

Dark Colours, with Hints of Turquoise
If you’re going with grey walls, try using black furniture with turquoise coloured pillowcases. Turquoise will mellow out the dark hues of black and grey.

Condo living room


You can purchase the perfect condo, but you can always improve one to suit your style. You can use bold and bright colours, like yellow, red, or orange to lighten up the ambiance of the rooms.

Go with dark or neutral colours, to create cozy and fresh rooms. You can use this for your bedroom. The serene ambiance can help you sleep better at night.

Mix up the colours to create a unique effect. Whatever style you choose, make sure that it suits your style. After all, it’s your condo. Make it you.


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  1. I love greys and blues for paint colours!! I would have never thought about peach but that’s an interesting suggestion too :)

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