Preventative Home Maintenance: Easy Tips for Cleaning Your Rain Gutters

Preventative Home Maintenance: Easy Tips for Cleaning Your Rain Gutters
10 Jan 2020

Gutter’s function is to direct water away from your house after the rain. Once the rain and leaves have fallen your gutters become unclean and filled with debris, moss or bird’s nests. In these scenarios, your gutter loses its function and it’s difficult for water to drain away properly. To avoid this it’s important to learn proper ways how to clean your gutter. To make it easier for you, we prepared a few tips on how to do that.

1. Safety Comes First

Before you get down to business make sure that safety comes first. Being properly equipped is the first step in cleaning gutters. This type of cleaning is pretty easy if you know how and what you’re doing. But getting hurt from cleaning gutters happens more often than you thought. Check the electric cables and if they’re damaged. If they appear to be, do not try fixing this on your own. Instead, call a licensed electric professional.

2. Much Needed Tools

Some of the cleaning procedures and tools you should have on your mind before you start cleaning gutters:
• Ladders: before you start using ladders let other members of your family know that you’ll be using them while working on the roof. Make sure you use safe ladders, advisable the ones with a small shelf which you can use to put collected gutter debris in.
• Gloves: Gloves are a perfect tool to protect you from dirt, sharp metal objects that can be found or some bird’s dropping covered with bacteria. Using rubber gloves is not a good idea because you could get pocked through them on sharp metal objects. Thick suede gloves are a better option.
• Eyes: Make sure you protect your eyes because you never know what you might find up there. Some people witnessed birds, rats, bees or frogs leaving their secret place once the drain clog is being removed.

gutters facade

3. Assess Your Gutters

Another tip to check if everything’s safe and sound before the cleaning starts is by inspecting your gutters. Check if there are any signs of deterioration, leaks or cracks that can cause damage. Make sure that gutter is firmly attached to your home. In case it isn’t you’ll need to fix this problem. One of the possible solutions is installing gutter brackets that will keep your gutter firm.

4. Clean

Remember to clean the roof since most debris you can find in your gutters comes from the roof. Cleaning the roof is also advisable for safety reasons, eg. slipping on the moss. Use a brush to remove debris and put it in a bag. If there’s a lot of moss growing on the roof, try to take that out too. This way you’ll prevent it from slipping into the gutters during the rain. It’s always better and smarter to remove all the dirt and debris before you begin cleaning your gutters. If you don’t do that first, dirt and debris will block drains and downpipes and you’ll end up having to do more than just one job.

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5. Trim Your Trees

Having trees in your yard and around your house is a lovely sight. But to avoid having decaying leaves, twigs and tree needles in your gutter that fall from the tree, make sure you trim your trees from time to time. Trim them back away from the gutter and roof so anything that falls doesn’t fall directly on your roof and cause more harm.

6. Gutter Guards

Investing in gutter guards is a smart and ecological option that will keep your gutter clean for a longer period of time. These guards come in various styles so you can choose what suits you and your needs best. Gutter guards allow water to easily run through it but still blocks falling objects and birds from staying in there. They’re well designed so you can still access the gutter when it’s time for cleaning it.

7. Scheduled Cleanings

Last but not least, make sure you clean your gutters often enough. It’s advisable to clean them twice a year – early in spring and in the fall. That way you’ll prolong the life of your gutters.

Keep Your Gutters Clean!

Taking care of your gutters and making them clean isn’t just for aesthetic reasons. The main reason is eliminating the probability of clogged gutter and water damage caused by rain. The second reason is to stop the possibility of rust corrosion. If there’s rust corrosion it’s more likely cleaning won’t be enough and you’ll have to get new gutters. So save yourself some time and money, check your gutters and follow these few tips to clean them properly.


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