Think About Privacy When Designing Your Home

Think About Privacy When Designing Your Home
30 Aug 2019

Our home is meant to be our sanctuary. The escape we gladly turn to after everyday stresses that we’re exposed to. Curious looks from your neighbours can sometimes ruin that. That’s why you should dedicate some time and effort to upgrade your home’s privacy. Although it may seem challenging, in reality, it doesn’t have to be. Here are some useful tips that will help you guard the privacy of your home from the outside world and enable you to relax and unwind the way you want it to.

Go (ever)green

If you’re not in a position to put up a fence around your house for some reason, don’t worry. One of the great ways to ensure privacy in your home is by planting evergreen around it. Planting a mixture of trees, shrubs, and plant will create a natural barrier and it will look gentler than walls and fences. One of the advantages of evergreens over the other types of plants is that they keep their leaves all-year-round. Plant them on the outside, while leaving the space towards the house for shrubs and flower beds. Playing with layers will not only give you privacy, but it will also boost your house curb appeal.

Invest in technology

Sometimes, your neighbours aren’t only curious onlookers. Many people experience different kinds of damage caused by the people in their neighbourhood. These usually include messy pets, scratched cars, trash lying around, or even theft. If you’re one of the people who have experienced these kinds of issues then it may be a good idea to invest in security and install security cameras around your property. There is a wide range of options to choose from. They range from monitor-sensors triggers and webcam monitoring systems to advanced automatic alarms. Do some research and find the system that will best work for you.

Upgrade your windows

Ok, so you’ve ensured the privacy of your backyard. But what about the inside of your house? If you want privacy both in and out of your home, then it’s a good idea to consider window coverings. There’s a great range of options available, depending on your budget and the level of light you want to maintain. Lightweight curtains will let plenty of light in, but they won’t grant you much privacy. On the other hand, aluminum plantations shutters are a fantastic option if you want more privacy and protection of your windows as well. Other options include drapes and shades which can make your room very dark. Another great thing about them is that they are available in many different types of materials and colours so you can easily make them a stylish addition to your living room or bedroom.

Fence it up

If the size of your backyard doesn’t allow you to plant trees or evergreens then consider putting up a fence. Although it may look a bit harsher than greenery, one of their biggest advantages is that they take less space than plants do. Also, they come in so many different sizes and materials that the options are practically endless. Depending on your preferences, it can be from recycled, natural, or man-made materials. If you’re not sure about the choice, you can look for inspiration online or consult an architect or a landscape designer.

Build a pergola

If you have small areas in your backyard like open kitchens or a small patio that you’ll like to isolate, then building a pergola may be the perfect solution for you. They allow the air and light to go through, so they allow you to enjoy both privacy and nice weather. Covering them with wine leaves will result in a lovely, warm, and romantic atmosphere. Or you can choose the right blinds and hide yourself from noisy neighbours. You can also add a gazebo and decorate it with potted flowers or hanging baskets to fill in the gaps and add texture.

Block out the noise

Privacy doesn’t only include visual isolation, but the reduction of noise as well. Whether it’s the traffic noise or the loud neighbours, you’ll want to reduce that to ensure peace in the comfort of your backyard. Water is the perfect way to mask the noise. Installing a fountain or a waterfall in your backyard will not only mask unwanted sounds but will also create pleasant background noise. There’s a wide range of options to explore. Choose the one that best fits your space and your backyard style.


As you can see, creating privacy in your home doesn’t have to involve some extremely money and time-consuming projects. With a little bit of imagination and effort, you can upgrade both the inside and the outside of your house and make it a true sanctuary. After all, home is a place where you can get away from everything that stresses both in and out of the office.


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