The Desert Rat: The Outfit That Will Turns Heads

The Desert Rat: The Outfit That Will Turns Heads
24 Mar 2021

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Leather has always been part of the rustic man’s wardrobe. There’s something sleek and sexy about leather jackets and leather boots. It’s a tough and rugged material that can put up anything. You can scuff it, rip it, dry it out and submerge it, and it will still hold together. Mother nature makes the best materials and leather is high up there on that list. The desert rat outfit plays on this beautifully. It incorporates leather and it also mixed in contemporary items such as printed t-shirts, ripped jeans and metallic watches. It’s the outfit that fits well in spring and in autumn, and we’re about to show it to you now.

Weathered jacket

The first thing to get right is the weathered look via your jacket. It has to be a short jacket, so it could either be a motorbike jacket or perhaps one of these leather bomber jacket styles. One of the best is the classic G-1. Made for the air force, it’s been around since the 1940s. However, you also have the more A-1 which is being worn even to this day. The bomber jacket is meant to be a little puffy, great for the autumn but it can hang loose and be worn with just a t-shirt. The classic style has puffer arms, with a high-arm hole for ultra mobility. With a cotton or nylon collar, it comes in the classic green camouflage pattern and or shade. It’s fantastic with jeans and or suit trousers.

Rugged urban jeans

The next step in this outfit is to buy a slick pair of jeans. There are many great styles that go well with a leather jacket. Straight cut is the obvious choice because they are roomy and they can fit most body shapes. However, you also have tapered jeans, which will hug the joints of your legs. So your ankles, knees, and hips will be fitted nicely while the jeans will be looser around the thighs and calves. The other style is the slim-fit style, which will hug your lines nicely. Go with any of these styles, but match them with a ripped or torn style too. The torn style is usually of vertical tears, but the ripped is for the horizontal. It’s up to you, we recommend the tapered along with ripped patterns.

Desert rat boots

To finish off the outfit, we think you should go with some awesome desert boots. They are not the same as chukka boots! Chukkas are a lot fatter and they have far more padding for the sole. They do have the same shape but they are a lot more casual. Desert boots were invented by the British forces in North Africa, during WW2. they have a flat sole, a high mouth at the heel, and a sleek profile that fits the face of your foot. They are made from deerskin usually, so the grain can be visible from far away.

The desert rat outfit is one that we rarely see in the urban interior anymore. However it’s love of leather is going to fit right in, during the spring and autumn revival of this great material.

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