The History Of Bejeweled

The History Of Bejeweled
27 Sep 2020

Bejeweled games are extremely popular and many individuals play the various different versions which are now available on the internet, however, it was in fact PopCap Games that created this puzzle game only just over ten years. Nevertheless, many people do not realize this because of the wealth of versions now available.

Many games go through a transition whereby the traditional version is twisted and made into a whole host of variations.

As stated, Bejeweled was first developed in 2001 by PopCap Games and since then it has grown from strength to strength. In the early days, the game was actually created under the name of Diamond Mine. However, Microsoft, whom PopCap Games had created a partnership with, felt that it was to comparable to an already existing game which was called Diamond Mines. Thus to make PopCap’s new game standout they renamed it Bejeweled.

For those of you who have never played Bejeweled before; where have you been hiding? I highly recommend you give it a go as the chances are you will probably really enjoy it… after all so many others do. It is very fun and very addictive, the sort of game you won’t be able to stop enjoying.

Bejeweled boosts

Bejeweled games are great fun and they are the sorts of games that all people of all ages can enjoy. The most popular Bejeweled game is Bejeweled Blitz, if you have played Bejeweled before then you will be fully aware that the object of the game is to match as many colored gems as possible. Nevertheless, Bejeweled Blitz is much more exciting because of the boosts and power-ups on offer.

Here I will explain the different boosts available…


This detonates any special gems you have on the board at one time. It can only be used once during a game.


As you may have guessed this will give you an extra five minutes playing time at the end of your game.


This will gift you with a special gem at the beginning of your game, this gem can be a wide range of things but in general, it will be something which will explode a certain amount of gems and thus give you a higher score.


This gifts you with a gem that will double your score when utilized in a matching row.


A scrambler will mix up the gems on the board and can be used twice during any one game.

These boosts truly do make Bejeweled Blitz the most exciting Bejeweled game.

Bejeweled’s daily spin

The daily spin is the equivalent to online slots, and if you match colour gems you will win a certain amount of coins, here is how the winnings are broken down…

No matches – 500 coins (even if you match nothing you still win!)
One blue gem – 1,000 coins
Two blue gems – 2,500 coins
Three silver gems – 5,000 coins
Three pink gems – 10,000 coins
Three orange gems – 25,000 coins
Three yellow gems – 50,000 coins
Three green gems – 100,000 coins
Three red gems – 250,000 coins
Three blue gems – 1,000,000 coins

This system is extremely generous especially when you consider that a power-up only costs between 3,000 to 7,500 depending on which boost you pick to use, you can pick up to three out of five. So if you decide to play Bejeweled Blitz – don’t forget your daily spin!

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