An Ooey Gooey lunch at The Cheesy Pickup in Downtown Orillia

An Ooey Gooey lunch at The Cheesy Pickup in Downtown Orillia
21 Jan 2019

Disclosure: Our meal was covered by Ontario’s Lake Country. All opinions are my own.

Do you love grilled cheese? If you do, then you have got to try The Cheesy Pickup in Orillia!

the cheesy pickup ordering

Grilled sandwiches are comfort food. The girls and I love having them for lunch on the weekends. We can sit back and watch TV together while eating.

the cheesy pickup interior

Fine and causal dining is great and all, but what is also great is when you find a hidden gem that serves up food that reminds you of sitting in your living room while eating your favourite sandwich. Except, The Cheesy Pickup kicks it up a notch or two with their awesome selection of grilled cheese sandwiches.

Our Lunch

Rachel had the “Up Your Kilt” grilled cheese sandwich, with a side of homemade Mac & Cheese.

the cheesy pickup up your kilt

That is one big pickle!

the cheesy pickup do you come here often

Lauren had the “Do You Come Here Often?” grilled cheese sandwich, with aside of baked beans.

the cheesy pickup all hail cheeser

And I had the “All Hail Grilled Cheeser!” sandwich, with aside of baked beans.

Very cheesy!

Craig is not a big cheese eater, so he had a Caesar salad with a side of peameal bacon and a pickle.

the cheesy pickup 3 sandwiches


This is one cheesy menu!


Do You Come Here Often?
• Basic Grilled Cheese With Cheddar Cheese

All Hail Grilled Cheeser!
• Grilled Cheese With Cheddar, Monterrey Jack, and Swiss Cheese

Lord ‘Tunderin’ Cheesus
• Bologna and Sauteed Onions With Cheddar and Monterrey Jack Cheese Topped With A Homemade Maple/Mustard Sauce

Piggy Cut The Cheese
• Ham and Swiss Cheese Topped With A Homemade Maple/Mustard Sauce

The Cheesy Polish Princess
• Polish Loaf, Bacon, Sauteed Onions, Monterrey Jack, and Cheddar Cheese

Up Your Kilt!
• Peameal Bacon, Cheddar Cheese Topped With A Homemade Maple/Mustard Sauce

Oooh La La
• Bacon and Cheddar Cheese Drizzled With Maple Syrup

Build Your Own!!!
• Start with a “Do You Come Here Often?” and build from there


Basic Nachos
• Corn Chips With Homemade Cheese Sauce

Loaded Nachos
• Corn Chips Loaded Up With Black Olives, Jalapeno, Tomato, And Bacon, Topped With Homemade Cheese Sauce


• House Salad
• Caesar Salad
• Greek Salad


Tomato Soup
• Homemade Tomato Soup With Homemade Croutons And Cheddar Cheese

Soup With Toast
• Large Soup With Your Choice Of White Or Whole Wheat Toast

Mac N Cheese
• Homemade Macaroni And Cheese Made With Medium And Extra Old Cheddar Cheese

Baked Beans
• Homemade Baked Beans

the cheesy pickup front of building


42 Mississaga Street
Orillia, Ontario L3V 3A8
Phone: 705-337-5141


Monday to Friday 10:00am to 5:00pm
Saturday 10:00am to 4:00pm

Head on Over to The Cheesy Pickup!

If you are looking for a quick lunch, that will bring you back to easier times, check out The Cheesy Pickup for an ooey gooey grilled cheese sandwich. Napkins are required!


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