The Best Gifts to Bring From Europe To Your Loved Ones

The Best Gifts to Bring From Europe To Your Loved Ones
19 Apr 2022

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You’ve probably had the best time in Europe, and you’re thinking of the best way your loved ones can get a glimpse of Europe. How about bringing them gifts from the different places you visited while touring Europe? The little tokens will give them the European experience. You’d want to get your cherished ones unique and culture-loaded gifts.

While at it, take into account the gift’s size and weight. Ideally, the weight and size of the presents should be in adherence to airlines’ weight requirements.

Give your loved ones a chance to experience European culture with the following easy-to-pack gifts.

Handcrafted Slovakian Leather Wallet/Belt

Handmade gifts have a unique charm to them. It makes someone feel special and loved. If you’ve been to Slovakia, you might have noticed a bunch of authentic handcrafted leather products. Sewing and handcrafting are popular in Slovakia. Most Slovakians learned the skill as a necessity, making their handmade leather products popular globally. The scrutiny paid to these products is impeccable and connects you to Slovakian crafting and sewing culture. If possible, go for a homemade Slovakian leather belt or wallet. Let the local artisan imprint your loved one’s name on the belt or wallet. The handcrafted belt or wallet will be a good gift idea for a spouse. It’s personal and full of charm.

Image by skefalacca from Pixabay

Swiss Watches

Want your loved ones to experience a bit of Switzerland? A Swiss-made watch is an unbeatable way to bring the Switzerland experience home to your loved ones. Switzerland produces Swiss-made watches with an artistic approach. When you put on a Swiss-made watch, it’s an indication of the brand and the Swiss culture. Skilled craftsmanship goes into the designing and assembling of Swiss-made watches. Thus, you’re guaranteed outstanding performance with the watch. So, it makes sense why Swiss-made watches dominate the watch-making industry. Don’t leave Switzerland without buying a Swiss-made watch. You not only get a luxurious gift but a gift packed with Swiss culture and a legacy of craftsmanship. Besides, you’ll get 100% original Swiss-made watches in Switzerland.

Image by Jacek Abramowicz from Pixabay

The Lithuanian Jewel

There are plenty of crafty and ethnic products in Lithuanian craft markets. Sadly, most of these handcrafted products can’t fit your suitcase. Don’t fret. Your family or friends will enjoy the Lithuanian experience if you get them Lithuanian amber jewelry. Chances are a Lithuanian artisan handcrafted the amber jewelry. The craft must have had a powerful legacy. Lithuanians also believe that amber jewelry has healing properties. It controls pain, relieves anxiety, and gets rid of fatigue.

Montenegro’s Hand-painted Mugs

Been on the lookout for a beautiful gift to give a friend or a family member? A Montenegro hand-painted mug is the perfect gift for them. They are beautiful and easy to customize. The local artisans adorn these mugs with colorful and beautiful landscapes, Montenegro’s culture, natural wonders, and history. Your family and friends will experience the scenic drives, medieval villages, or archeological sites through the mugs. They will have a never-ending Montenegrin experience.

A Snuggie Icelandic Wool Sweater/Blanket

There is no wool comparable to Icelandic wool. Iceland’s sheep is unique. It produces quality and lightweight wool. It’s not spun, hence snuggish and warm. Since Iceland is remote, its sheep breed remains authentic. Icelandic sheep have not mixed with other breeds for more than 1000 years. Therefore, the sheep produce wool with distinct properties suitable for the Icelandic weather. It contains two types of strands that act as a barrier to cold Icelandic weather. It’s light but keeps you warm. The Icelandic sheep breed has more diverse colors making it possible to access varying color shades. Icelanders harvest the wool as their sheep freely graze during the summer. To make the experience more authentic, go for knitted sweaters or blankets made from hand-produced wool.

Final Thoughts

These gift ideas are thoughtful and culture-loaded. It’s not about the cost of beauty. It is about the experience you bring back home to family and friends. While Europe has the most iconic and classic artisanal craft, foods, drinks, and fabrics, these gift ideas will bring the European experience closer to home. Your family, friends, or colleagues will appreciate the thought and the never-ending cultured experience.

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