The 7 Car Mods It’s Worth Making

The 7 Car Mods It’s Worth Making
12 Feb 2021

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Enhancing your car can be a great way to improve its appearance and maximize its performance, but not all mods are equal. While some modifications really do upgrade a vehicle, others have a disappointing impact. To ensure you’re making the right changes, take a look at the car mods it’s worth making:

1. Limited slip differential

Few cars come with factory-fitted limited slip differentials, so this is a mod that most car owners could benefit from. A limited slip differential reduces wheelspin and improves the grip your tyres have on the road surface. As a result, you can increase the safety and handling of your car when you mod it with a limited slip differential.

2. Throttle bodies

A throttle body controls the amount of air that enters the engine, which, as you know, is critical to performance. Oversized throttle bodies maximize air inflow to boost horsepower and increase acceleration performance. What’s more – adding a larger throttle body to your car is a relatively cheap mod that can have a major impact.

3. Stainless steel brake lines

It’s always worth investing in good quality brake pads but stainless steel brake lines are well worth having too. Standard brake lines are made from rubber, which degrades over time. Furthermore, the flexibility of rubber brake lines limits the feeling you get through the pedal. With stainless steel brake lines, however, you can increase the rigidity and get better feedback and control from your pedals.

4. Anti-roll bar

An anti-roll or sway bar helps your car to stay upright when you’re taking tight corners, so it’s essential for drivers who like to push the speed limit. By keeping the vehicle’s weight distributed more evenly, an anti-roll bar prevents excess leaning, which could keep you safer on the road. If you’re going to mod your car by installing a sway bar, consider getting an adjustable model. This will allow you to tweak the settings and improve how your car feels.

5. Air filter

If you’re looking for an easy mod, it doesn’t get much better than changing the air filter. Sure, it’s almost too simple to be classed as a modification but it really will have a noticeable impact on how your car feels and performs. You don’t need to spend a lot on a new air filter, but the right one can improve horsepower. Whichever filter you choose, remember to keep it clean, otherwise, air intake will be reduced, leading to decreased power.

6. New suspension

Upgrading the suspension on your car can be a big investment, but it’s worth it if you want to get the most out of your vehicle. Factory-fitted suspensions will show signs of wear and tear in time and they’re often a reason for car owners to trade in older models for something new. By upgrading your suspension now, however, you can improve vehicle performance and reduce the need for future repairs. Look out for kits with lifetime warranties and adjustable features, as this will allow you to tweak the settings based on your car’s unique performance and handling.

7. Fuel pump

Standard fuel pumps can be fairly weak, which can affect the flow of fuel and increase the risk of misfiring. In addition to this, a weak or poorly performing fuel pump can cause drops in power, which isn’t something any driver wants to experience. Installing an after-market fuel pump can eradicate these problems and maximize your car’s outputs.

As well as upgrading your car with a new fuel pump, be sure to change the fuel filter on a regular basis. They get clogged over time, which obviously impacts how much fuel can enter the engine and, therefore, the vehicle’s performance. Most manufacturers recommend changing the fuel filter at least once every two years. However, it’s well worth checking the fuel filter more regularly than this, if you want to optimize performance.

Should You Mod Your Car?

Every car owner can benefit from keeping their car well-maintained and, to some extent, mods can fall into this category. After all, reducing the risk of engine failures, increasing safety and maximizing performance benefits everyone. However, making changes to your vehicle can be daunting, particularly if you don’t have much experience.

If you’re eager to start modding your car, be sure to get advice or assistance when you need it. Whether you speak to a professional or learn online, taking the time to figure out how to mod your car safely should always be a top priority. By doing so, you can achieve the right results and learn to enhance your skills in the process.

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