The New Self-Worth Balance Technique to Improve Your Mental Health

The New Self-Worth Balance Technique to Improve Your Mental Health
04 May 2020

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Mental health needs to be handled carefully, and in situations where there is an issue the process requires attention to the specific individual. It can be difficult to determine the best treatment plan for someone who struggles with low self-esteem, depression or other mental illnesses. When those people recognize they have a problem and ask for help, they need something effective as soon as possible.

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Why Try Subliminal Messages?

Subliminal messages are a form of hypnosis, as they reach your brain and provide an alternative thought process when you are not even aware you are entertaining the thoughts and decisions related to those messages. They are typically delivered through music of television programs, methods of entertainment that reach the brain and provide a rich playground for those who want to incorporate a message you otherwise don’t notice.

With subliminal messages, the recipient has no chance to balk or fight, which is why it is an effective treatment for mental health issues. The patient can feel they are listening to music or enjoying some form of entertainment while they are in fact getting help with their mental illness.

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Be Positive, Reach Your Mind with Positive Messages

Subliminal messages to help with depression or other mental illness incorporate positive messages into the delivery method. This helps the brain start changing the thought process to involve more positive tangents. This helps a lot in a brain where everything is negative and holding the person back who is struggling.

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Understand Why Subliminal Messages Work

There is a time delay between the stimulus of a sound or visual and the conscious acknowledgement of said stimulus. Therefore, when a person is exposed to a visual message or an auditory one that is very short, the message is retained by the subconscious but never recognized by the conscious mind. The time between the stimulus and the conscious mind noting the stimulus is about one quarter of a second.

In order to be effective, however, the message must convey something that links with a desire in your own mind. You have to want what is shown or be programmed that the message is something you should want – via social conditioning.

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Introduction of Subliminal Messaging

In the 1950’s, a movie theatre owner decided to flash pictures of popcorn and soda on the screen. As a result of the quickly shown and removed images, sales of concessions increased notably. This was the birth of subliminal messages as a sales tactic. From there, the potential uses of the tactic have been studied and tested. There are many ways that subliminal messaging can be useful.

Using subliminal messages for improving self-esteem involves conveying short yet uplifting messages to the subconscious. It also means sticking to simple messages, easy to read and understand. It is also important to connect positive messages with desired results. Telling yourself that eating healthy is sexy works because we are socially programmed to want to look good. Therefore, the process is successful when you want to eat healthy because you believe you’ll be good looking while doing so.


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