Taking Things Natural & Organic

Taking Things Natural & Organic
31 Jul 2018

Think about everything you use in life. From the shampoo you run through your hair every day, to the food you’re putting in your life. How much of it would you say is natural and organic? We agree that you can’t go through life comfortably without using some things that are going to have a few additives in them. There’s the option of doing so, but it would take so much time and effort to find the products that you need, and it can often get so costly. But, if you’re filling your life with products that aren’t natural and organic, then you’re putting yourself at risk to a few different health issues. We believe that everyone should go organic as much as possible, and we’ve got a few easy ways that you can!

Beauty Products

Us girls love our beauty products, and there’s nothing that makes us feel better than leaving the house knowing that we’re looking, and feeling fresh in pretty much every way possible. But, beauty products are one of the worst culprits for having so many different harmful chemicals in them that are out to attack our bodies in many different ways. Take something so simple as deodorant. We can’t live without it, but most big brands produce them with harmful chemicals that have been linked to skin irritation, and even cancer!! Using a natural deodorant is not only going to be so much better for your skin, but it does just as good of a job at blocking nasty odours as a deodorant full of harmful chemicals would do! The same goes with body creams. There are plenty out there full of all natural ingredients, you can even make some of them at home if you do a quick Google search of the recipes!

Food Products

Everything we love about food generally isn’t good for us. The fat, the sugar, the salt. Our taste buds crave it, our bodies deal with the consequences. If you’re not prepared to go all natural, we really do understand why! But, we highly recommend that you try going organic for some of the meals that you’re making. Organic milk, veg, meat etc. Not everything you see on the shelves is fresh, obviously if you buy a packet of pasta sauce, it’s not fresh! If you do a quick Google search of a recipe, find the ingredients, and find how to make them all organic, we know you’ll feel so much better about yourself!


By organic or natural clothing, we mean clothing that hasn’t used animals fur or skin to produce it. We hope that many of you are against this already, but some people still use some materials that are full of animal parts! We highly recommend that you do your research of a few brands, and see if they promise to not use animals in their clothing! If you want to make sure you’re using all natural materials, try shopping at hippy clothing stores. Obviously, they aren’t going to go anywhere near anything animal related that’s negative, and their clothes are actually so comfortable!


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Wendy, also known as @mapsgirl, is a mom to two daughters, and wife extraordinaire to Craig, also known as @bigdaddykreativ. She’s passionate about child passenger safety and has been a certified Car Seat Technician in Ontario, Canada since 2008. Wendy also blogs at mapsgirl.ca

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