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Summertime is Netflix and Grill time! @Netflix_ca #Streamteam

Summertime is grilling time for many. We grill all year long home, but there is nothing like enjoying a grilled steak while camping! The folks at Netflix know how much I love to use my grill (both at home and while RVing), and sent me this sweet Netflix and Grill apron and grilling set. I’ve Continue Reading

You can Download Movies and Netflix Originals for Vacation! #Streamteam @netflix_ca

One of things about going away on vacation is the flight… it’s several hours of doing nothing but sitting still, and hoping the TV monitor in front of you works. But not only works… that the movies showing are good. On the last flight I took, the TV monitor was stuck on the destination map, Continue Reading

New Year Resolutions, with a @Netflix_ca twist! #StreamTeam

Hi, I’m Rachel, and I am guest posting for this month’s Netflix blog post. This is not my first post on Big Daddy’s blog. I wrote about my school trip to see the Hamilton Bulldogs game in Hamilton. That is my second post. Enjoy! I love Netflix, and watch some of the originals and movies Continue Reading

Binge watch @Netflix_Ca during the holidays! #Streamteam

Our work and family life does not allow us to binge watch in the traditional ways. We tend to find pockets in the week to watch our favourite shows. However, the Christmas holidays have allowed us to watch some new shows that we wouldn’t normally have time for. One of those shows is “Stranger Things” Continue Reading

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