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11 Questions with… Christy Laverty. @Imfreckles #bdk11Qs

Welcome to “11 Questions with…”. This edition’s guest is Christy Laverty. Enjoy! 11 Questions with… Christy Laverty 1. Elevator pitch… tell us about yourself. I am a Mom, wife, journalist, writer, media and PR coach and consultant. After working for nearly two decades in the news media business I am working from home, for myself. Continue Reading

How a Local Business Can Benefit from Social Media in 2017

Let’s face facts: Successful businesses and social media are practically inseparable. For many, a strong social media presence is seen as going the extra mile, or as something that only the “big” businesses can engage in on any meaningful level. The reality is that social media matters a lot, more than the majority of people Continue Reading

Small Business. Big Vision. @THINK_Lyndon

Listen to most startup entrepreneurs and commentators on the industry and you’ll hear them talk about the importance of things like “the hustle”, the importance of the investor pitch decks and the pivot. Funding is, it appears, the holy grail for the majority of startups: everybody is looking for somebody else’s money to enable them Continue Reading

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