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Sleep Easy: 5 Actionable Tips to Get Rid of Night Sweats

Night Sweats? Yuck! Imagine sleeping and waking up drenched in sweat for no particular reason. Now while some of us have never had such experiences, there is a good percentage of the general population that has gone through it. Night sweats are more common in women as compared to men, especially in those females who Continue Reading

Health Tracker: 5 Ways Fitbit Keeps Your Kids Physically Active

Keeping Physically Active While you’re always on a shopping round with your kids, regardless of the event, day and time, perhaps its time to buy them something healthy that keeps them on the move. What’s that? You ask. A device solely designed to monitor your physical activity, exercise, diet and sleep, you finally have a Continue Reading

Finding Your Zen: 7 Tips to Help A Busy Dad Relax

Busy Dad Being a dad is a tough job… you have a huge list of demands placed on you. If a dad does not learn how to relax, the stress will eventually get the better of him. These 7 tips to help a busy dad relax should help you breathe a sigh of relief. 1. Continue Reading

Nature’s Signature: Bringing Our Passion to New Communities

Back in November 2013, when I announced I was going to live a healthier lifestyle, and begin my #NewBDK journey, I had the support of my friends and family. Many people reached out and offered words of encouragement, and even offered to work out with me at the gym. I had posted this picture of Continue Reading

Everyone has a story. Here’s mine. #MakeItEpic

For years, I struggled with being overweight. I tried fad diets, drinking lots of water, and even going to the gym. Did it work? Short term, yes. Long term, no. The reason? The dedication and commitment weren’t there. Also, I had 3 vices… salty food, bread and soda pop. Everyone has a story Over the Continue Reading

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