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How a Local Business Can Benefit from Social Media in 2017

Let’s face facts: Successful businesses and social media are practically inseparable. For many, a strong social media presence is seen as going the extra mile, or as something that only the “big” businesses can engage in on any meaningful level. The reality is that social media matters a lot, more than the majority of people Continue Reading

New Looks For Less – our new Bedroom set from @LeonsFurniture! #LeonsNewLooks

Wendy and I have been married now for 12 years. When we got married, we started using the bedroom set I had used through high school… a queen size waterbed, dresser and chest of drawers that was handed down to me by my older brother. We got rid of the waterbed a couple years after Continue Reading

Work and Private Life: 5 Golden Rules of a Community Manager

If you want to start a career as a community manager or you are new to the area, I suggest you follow these five rules. They could save you a lot of trouble! 1. Never use your personal accounts while on duty If you are wondering why it is best to do so, ask the Continue Reading

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