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Enjoying cool scents with the @AUKEYCanada Essential Oil Diffuser. #Giveaway

If someone were to ask me a few months ago whether I would ever own diffuser, I would have looked at them funny. That is until I went to Jamaica and got a massage at the resort I was staying at. In the massage room, they had an oil diffuser running with gentle music in Continue Reading

No shortage of outlets and ports: the @AUKEYCanada PA-S9 Power Strip.

Let’s paint the picture… You are going away on a family vacation. You get to your destination, check into he hotel, go to your room, put your bags down, and then go to plug in your phone. But there are less outlets than you have devices. What a predicament! The other part of this picture Continue Reading

30000 mAh of juice: the @AUKEYCanada PB-T11 Power Bank.

There’s never enough battery… It never fails. I’m out covering an event for work, and my phone battery starts to get low. So I hit the switch for my battery charger case to kick in. It gets fully charged, depletes the charger case’s battery, and then the phone starts to get low again. So I Continue Reading

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