Why Should You Switch to Natural and Organic Products?

Why Should You Switch to Natural and Organic Products?
21 Aug 2020

When it comes to the skincare and hair care community, ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ seem to be the most common buzzwords these days. Even though many people are starting to replace their products with more natural alternatives, others are still wondering what’s so great about organic products, and what benefits they will have on their beauty and overall health. To answer the question, here are some of the biggest advantages of natural and organic products that might just help you make the switch as well:

They don’t contain harmful chemicals

From sulphates and parabens to formaldehyde, mineral oils and even fragrances, traditional products are often filled with damaging, toxic ingredients that can be incredibly harmful to your overall health. While some have been linked with serious health issues, others are known for causing redness, irritation and allergies, which can be especially damaging to sensitive skin types.

Thankfully, you won’t have these issues while using organic skin and hair care products. These products are made with naturally sourced ingredients, such as aloe vera, tea tree oil and zinc oxide, all of which are known as being incredibly hydrating, balancing and healing ingredients that leave both your skin and hair feeling nourished and healthy.

These products might be more efficient

Traditional skincare and hair care products tend to use a lot of fragrance and ‘filler’ ingredients (like silicones) that appear to give more effective results. However, these synthetic ingredients only serve the purpose of creating a quick and visible change that doesn’t actually lead to real results, which is why many people might notice the condition of their skin or hair worsening once they stop using them.

Natural and organic products, on the other hand, tend to have a higher performance, delivering only potent and efficient ingredients to your skin and hair. While it might take longer to notice a change, the results will undoubtedly be more permanent with such great, natural ingredients.

They are much safer for your overall health

Whether it’s our body, face or even the scalp, our skin absorbs anything we put onto it, almost acting like a sponge. For that reason, why would we purposefully allow ourselves to ingest toxic ingredients that could be incredibly dangerous for our overall health?

Instead of synthetic moisturizers filled with potentially stripping and damaging ingredients, opt for a flower or plant-based one that will hydrate and nurture your skin. Similarly, if you’re suffering from a greasy scalp, it would be a much better idea to opt for a natural shampoo and conditioner for oily hair made avocado and aloe vera, which will cleanse and nourish your scalp at the same time, instead of stripping it of its natural oils.

Natural products are better for the environment

When we’re using traditional products, those harsh chemicals are either released into the atmosphere through spraying or washed down the drain, ultimately having a harmful impact on the soil, water, and the environment. However, as organic products are only made with safe, natural ingredients, you won’t have to worry about pollution anymore.

What’s more, many natural and organic products are cruelty-free, if not entirely vegan, meaning that they haven’t been tested on animals, and that they don’t contain any ingredients which resulted from animal cruelty. By investing in such ethically made products, you can be certain that you aren’t making a negative impact on the planet and the beautiful animal world living in it.

Organic products might be more cost-effective

At first, natural and organic products might seem to be more expensive. However, they end up being much more affordable compared to their traditional counterparts, as their potency and strength allow you to use less product at a time, which will in turn give your products the opportunity to last for a longer period, ultimately being noticeably kinder on your budget.

As these products are commonly made by smaller companies that rely on loyal customers or even local businesses that put an emphasis on local ingredients, buying natural and organic products means that you will be investing in these smaller, local producers, thus helping to support the economy.

From healthy and glowing skin and hair to more sustainable and ethical practices, there are many advantages of using natural and organic products. Hopefully, the reasons listed above will be enough to convince you to make the switch today.


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