Wooden Furniture Ideas for a Sustainable Home

Wooden Furniture Ideas for a Sustainable Home
25 Mar 2020

In these days of sustainability, plastics and synthetics the world over are being ditched in favour of more sustainable, environmentally friendly options. And home décor is no exception.

Reusable, recyclable and most importantly of all, sustainable, wooden home furnishings have never been more on-trend or more exciting.

Why should I use wood in my home?

Wood is a highly versatile material that can be cut, stripped, varnished and painted to any size, shape or finish you desire. And more importantly, it’s sustainable. Unlike other throw-away plastic and synthetic household items, wood will not fill up our oceans and pollute the earth for years to come. It is a natural product so it decomposes – and, more importantly, trees are sustainable.

You can find out more and get involved with reforestation projects through the global organization Tree Nation.

How to use wood in the home

Wooden products bring nature into the home, creating a calming atmosphere. The raw, rugged and misshapen character of wood has endless charm and appeal. And, with just a saw, some high-quality wood glue and a bit of imagination, you can create unique, artisan pieces for your home.

In general, with a high-quality glue, there is no end to your creative possibilities. Here are some ideas of how to make beautiful, characterful things out of wood.

A Mirror

Take any piece of wood, cut it to the dimensions and shape you like, plane one surface so that its flat and glue a plain mirror on to it. It can then be hung or propped up against the wall, depending on its size.

Driftwood is great to use for this as it creates an appealing, on-trend, shabby-chic effect. And, if you salvaged the wood, you have the added comfort of knowing you have recycled it.

A Corner Shelving Unit

Take a tree trunk, attach it securely to the corner of your room and cut curves out of other flat pieces of wood to fit around the trunk at evenly spaced intervals.

The result is a corner shelving unit that can be us for books, decorative items or any other bric or brac. The unevenness is part of its rustic charm and it can be used to fill any awkward or redundant corner of the home.

A Log Coat Rack

Perhaps the simplest idea of all, a coat rack. Simply saw a log in half and fix it to a wall, with the cut side facing outwards so that the beautiful, natural swirls and patterns of the interior trunk are visible.

Using a strong wood glue, stick large, sturdy metal coat hooks along the log at evenly spaced intervals. On a plain hallway wall, you immediately have a natural and artisan coat rack that will catch the eye of your visitors as soon as they walk through the door.

Wise up to the benefits of wood and use your imagination to create sustainable, beautiful pieces for your home!

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