Structural Materials to Consider for Home Construction

Structural Materials to Consider for Home Construction
27 Oct 2020

When building or renovating our humble abode, it is important to note that they should be built to last a long time. Building it with quality materials and the right planning also makes it less prone to damages and constant repair that can make home maintenance expensive. According to National Mortgage Professional Magazine, a platform that connects professionals in the mortgage community, home maintenance costs in the U.S. average 9,300 dollars per year.

The amount, considered to be a lot by some, can be attributed to foundation repairs, electrical problems, roof repair, water damage, pipe repair and installation, septic system repair, etc. While it is completely normal to encounter these issues when owning a home, the chances of them occurring more often can be avoided using quality home building materials.

What are the top long-lasting home construction materials?

We will give you a look at five of the most popular and relied on materials people have been using for the construction of their homes. They will also give us a view on how we have evolved from using mud huts and tents to sky-scraping buildings that can house thousands of people at once.

5. Wood

Taking number five on the list is wood. This material can be used as a primary building material. Such can be seen in the construction of log cabins. It can also be mixed with other building materials and used as a decorative material or for structural support.

Compared to the materials you will be reading about in this article–wood is lightweight but is strong once moisture has been removed after seasoning. It is also highly customizable because cutting it to different lengths is not easy with the right equipment.

The downside of wood is that it eventually decays due to wetness, fungi attacks, and under specific temperatures that are bad for the material. A big downside is how destructible it is when it comes to fire.

Despite wood’s stated vulnerabilities, its products can last a long time. Proof of that is the Fairbanks House, a wooden structure still standing in the state of Massachusetts. It was built between 1637 and 1641 for Jonathan Fairbanks’ family.

4. Brick

Brick has been used to build the Pantheon and the Great Wall of China. They are usually made of clay and used to be produced by sun-drying blocks made of silt. After hardening, they were broken into chunks to be used for the construction of huts.

This type of brick production is still used today and is very stable in dry areas. As they are made of silt, too much rain will cause them to turn into mud. With modern equipment, that vulnerability was solved through the application of extreme heat. Doing so made bricks durable, weather and fire-resistant, and easy to use for construction.

The 350-year-old Bacon’s Castle in Virginia is America’s oldest brick structure that still stands today.

3. Stone

In the middle of the list is the material for the ages, stone. They are durable and have impressive quantities. Yet, this material is difficult to move and has stress limitations. With the availability of the right equipment for excavation and cutting, they can be extremely impressive natural building materials.

They do not deform, can resist the effects of weather changes, are fire-resistant, and they are stable interior materials. Today, stone is not a top choice for construction due to its price but is still valued for the aesthetic value it provides.

Proof of its durability? Take a look at the world’s oldest stone structure, Ireland’s Newgrange, a tomb built around the Stone Age by farmers.

2. Concrete

Concrete is made of materials such as stone and sand mixed with cement and water. To become steady, they are left to dry and harden. Concrete is flexible and can be used in every corner of a structure. They can be poured, molded, and be left to dry.

Reinforced concrete is commonly used to make structural foundations. It is a mix of steel and concrete to keep structures standing. Currently, concrete is one of the biggest players in the construction industry. Many buildings today would not be standing without this material.

California’s Alvord Lake Bridge is the world’s oldest structure build from reinforced concrete. It was built in 1903.

1. Steel

When our ancestors learned to build taller structures instead of wider ones, the need for stronger building materials rose. As buildings with enough height rely on walls for support, a durable framework material became a necessity.

Steel is the go-to material for builders since it can be used as support and a foundation. They are easily fabricated, making them easy to install. They can be welded, bolted, or riveted to stay in place.

Aside from being a structure’s support and foundation, steel is also used for structures or equipment that need to be non-corrosive and high- and low-temperature resistant. According to large diameter stainless steel pipe manufacturers, this material is used in the food processing, fabrication, oil and gas, and chemical industries.

The many uses of steel prove that it is a material that lasts a long time under extreme conditions.

Which one is the right material for your home?

The choice of the right material is dependent on what kind of house you want to build. Consulting experts on construction will give you more insight into the materials you need to procure for your project.

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