A Stitch In Time: The Gardening Edition

A Stitch In Time: The Gardening Edition
02 Feb 2020

The value of a beautiful and functional garden cannot be denied. It brings a whole new dimension to the home, which can be enjoyed by all the family. However, maintenance aspects can cause a significant amount of stress.

While the thought of completing a few extra tasks will make life a little harder in the short-term, it will unlock the garden’s potential. Better still, it’ll save you valuable hours month after month for many years to come. Here are five simple steps that will lead you to success.

1. Reinforced Perimeter Fencing

The perimeter fencing serves many purposes, not least in regards to protection. Unfortunately, it is at constant mercy of the natural elements while it can also be at threat from intruders. The right type of fencing will depend on a host of features such as property type, geographic location, and potential threats. Some may find that chain fencing, potentially with an electric charge, is best. Others will use wooden fences, but should ensure that it is supported by concrete posts. This should provide a foundation for success.

2. Tree & Plant Maintenance

Your garden will probably house a number of plants and trees. For the sake of the ongoing beauty as well as the safety of your garden, pruning should be on the agenda. Do this early to avoid any future troubles and keep the backyard looking its best. If nothing else, removing branches and foliage little and often is far less stressful than trying to dump huge lumps. Rather than needing to hire outside services, you’ll be in a position to use standard facilities.

3. Lawn Precautions

Your lawn is another key component of the garden, and it will require regular maintenance. However, when the drainage and aeration elements are under control, you’ll find it’s far easier to keep the lawn green and healthy. Investing in a good lawnmower and an irrigation system will naturally help, as will sectioning off the area. Whether used for playing with the kids or creating a clean and natural beauty, this is one of the most important elements. Sadly, if you let it get bad, recovering the situation is hard.

4. Build A Quality Deck

Building a deck will cut down your maintenance needs by removing some of the grass and plants. However, a poorly constructed deck will require regular attention. Whether hiring a contractor or using the DIY route, it’s vital that your deck area is made to the best standard. Ensuring that lights, overhead coverage, and sturdy patio furniture are included should be crucial too. Finally, ensure that the paint is finished with a lasting product for optimal success.

5. Keep Out Critters

While attracting birds with a bird feeder or birdbath is fine, you don’t want moles or other wild rodents entering the home. Therefore, it’s important to treat any holes in fences and remove any potential breeding grounds. Wasps nests and bee hives are particularly annoying, which is why you must stay vigilant at all times. Prevention is the best form of protection while quick responses are a close second. When supported by further ideas such as covering the drains and checking the gutters for blockages, your garden will stay in great health. Perfect.

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