Our Stay Date: Movies, Pizza, and @MolsonCdn67 Session IPA. #StayDate

Our Stay Date: Movies, Pizza, and @MolsonCdn67 Session IPA. #StayDate
01 Mar 2016

In 2014, Glamour Magazine conducted a survey about date night. The results? 88% of women with partners do not have a regular date night planned. Unfortunately, Wendy and I fall in that number. We don’t plan them… they just happen when our lives are less hectic than normal, and can fit one in. But a Stay Date? Never happens.

But how do you break out of that day-to-day routine, and make time for a date night? One way is to schedule it… like any of your work meetings. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. In fact, it can be right in the comfort of your own home.

“To celebrate the time spent together and stay dates, Molson Coors Canada introduces Molson Canadian 67 Session IPA, a delicious new way to shake up your routine. While still light and refreshing, Molson Canadian 67 Session IPA is made with Mosaic and Sorachi Ace hops to deliver a fruity taste and a subtle citrus aroma in a refreshing twist to get you out of your rut. It’s time to stay in; it’s time for a stay date.”

stay date kit

The folks at Molson Canadian sent us this #Staydate kit to help get our night off the ground.

What is a Stay Date?

Time. Together. Home. 3 things, when combined, rarely happen for most couples who are always on the go. And that is us. Both Wendy and I work full time, run the senior youth group at our church, have 2 daughters who swim, go to Brownies/Girl Guides, and take Taekwondo. Spare time is a rare commodity for us, let alone couple time for Wendy and I.

A Stay Date can be anything you want… board games, candlelight dinner, catching a movie on Netflix, a “how well do you know each other” trivia game, indoor camping, or building a pillow fort and just hanging out.

This video pretty much sums it up:

We had a busy day. The girls had Taekwondo in the morning. After lunch, we went to a friend’s house for a few hours. When we got home, we hung out as a family for a while. We ordered pizza for dinner. After the girls were done eating, we told the girls that we wanted to have some Mommy and Daddy time. They were really supportive. The girls know how much we do for them, and that we work long hours, so they were quick to say, “Have fun, Mommy and Daddy!” They went to their rooms, and proceeded to play quietly. They have so many books, board games, and their iPods/iPads, we weren’t expecting them to crash our date.

stay date spinner

Wendy spun the #StayDate spinner, and “Movie Night” came up. I launched Netflix, and we began our search for our Stay Date night movie. It’s very rare that we get to flip through the Netflix listings and not have to find something that is “family friendly”.

stay date netflix

Wendy selected one of our favourite movies, “P.S. I Love You”, starring Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler.

“A young widow discovers that her late husband has left her 10 messages intended to help ease her pain and start a new life.” ~ IMDB

If you haven’t seen it, watch it. It’s a fun flick!

stay date cheers

We pulled up the blanket, grabbed our Molson Canadian 67 Session IPAs, and cuddled on the couch. For us, Netflix and chill, really means… Netflix and chill.

We clinked cans, we drank, we laughed, and we cuddled. Wendy and I both loved the movie, but even more, loved reconnecting, and spending time with each other, doing something we love… just relaxing.

stay date cuddle

With such busy lives, having quality time together as a couple is very rare. This time together allowed us to reconnect. No phones, no kids, no distractions. Just us, a couple Session IPAs, feet up on the couch, cozy in a blanket, watching a movie. Together.

stay date ingredients

Introducing the New Molson Canadian 67 Session IPA

This light and very refreshing Session IPA excites the taste buds with fruit and citrus aromas from a balanced blend of hops. This flavourful and hoppy beer is crisp and clean, and leaves you wanting more. For Wendy and I, this was definitely a hit from Molson Canadian 67®. I can see us enjoying a few of these while camping this summer!


Pale two-row barley and white wheat malt, dry hopped with both Mosaic and Sorachi Ace hops for a delicate, fruity hop character.


Amber with rich hues of mahogany.


A harmony of pleasant fruity and citrus notes with subdued piney hop character.






67 per 341 mL bottle


Fresh fruit is evident up front, followed by gentle, fresh grass flavours. Hop bitterness is very mild.


Smooth, light body, and moderate levels of carbonation.


The finish is quick, refreshing and smooth. It leaves a soft, verdant aftertaste with hints of grape and peaches.


Narrow tulip style glass.

stay date beer

Food Pairings

You can pair your beer with an assortment of food. Here is what the folks at Mlson suggest:


The beer pairs well with dry, aged cheeses such as an aged Manchego. Try combining the aged cheese with dried fruits like cranberries.


Pair Molson Canadian 67 Session IPA with delicate fish or shrimp tacos. Add a dash of spice to the tacos; the Session IPA will be the perfect complement to the spicy nature of the dish.


The citrus aromas pair well with fresh Ceviche, or try pairing with Asian inspired appetizers, like spring rolls.


Molson Canadian 67 Session IPA is sold at retail locations in the following formats (formats and pricing vary by province and retailer): 6×341 mL bottle, 12×355 mL sleek can, and 473ml tall can.

stay date beer on coffee table

Whatever format you try, and whatever you pair it with, you are sure to have that same refreshing taste that Wendy and I did on our Stay Date.

Remember, even though you are staying in, please drink responsibly.

Big Daddy

Disclaimer: I am a helping to promote the new Molson Canadian 67 Session IPA and their #Staydate campaign. All opinions are my own.

If you would like me to review your service, product, or travel destination, send me an email at craig@bigdaddykreativ.ca or find me on “the twitter” at @BigDaddyKreativ


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