Creating the Perfect Spooky Halloween Scene at Our Home

Creating the Perfect Spooky Halloween Scene at Our Home
08 Nov 2019

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Halloween is my second favourite day of year, right behind Christmas. Every parent loves to see their kids happy and excited. Wendy and I are no different.

halloween movies sign

For years, Wendy would take the girls out, while I stayed home and gave out candy to the kids in our neighbourhood. We would decorate the house a week or so beforehand, so the kids knew on Halloween day that they were welcome to stop by.

halloween graveyard

Our Halloween Graveyard

I’ve been pretty proud of my Halloween setup every year. We try to either add something new or arrange things differently, so it is not the same year-after-year.

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I still remember the year we added the fog machine. It makes a sound like a snake hissing when it releases the fog, so it can scare you if you are not expecting it. We liked the fog effect so much, we bought a second machine that hooked up to a dead corpse, with the fog coming out of the corpse’s mouth.

halloween lamp post

Halloween in Oakville

I don’t try to compete with anyone for the best Halloween scene, as I just don’t have the time, room, storage, or the means that a lot of people do when decorating for Halloween. Especially when you have these three homes in Oakville that really turn it up for the Halloween season.

2093 Oak Springs Road, Oakville

2256 Munn’s Avenue, Oakville

And the pièce de résistance, Solingate Manor, located at 111 Solingate Drive, Oakville

archer dental halloween projector ghost

Finding Some Inspiration

I’m always looking to up my game, but not just by adding more tombstones or hanging ghosts. Anyone can do that if they have the room and the funds. The 3 homes in my town listed above are perfect examples of that. I wanted to add something that would complement our spooky display.

While driving through Toronto’s Little Italy neighborhood the week before Halloween, I saw just what I think would be a great addition to our display… a projected ghost. Funny enough, it was in the window of a business and not a house. They had hung up some white curtains and projected a ghost onto it, so everyone walking or driving by could see the lighted image. The cool part is because it was projected on a curtain, it appeared to be moving. Love it. Now, how to make this happen at our place.

When I searched online for a projector to buy, I found a blog post from Archer Dental telling me exactly what projector I needed. Bonus! That cuts down the research, as I know it already works, having seen it in action.

halloween window projector atmosfx alpha

The Realities of Making Ghosts

Making a Hollywood-quality film effect on our front window was not an easy task. The ghost effect had to be visible to people walking by on the sidewalk, so that meant it had to be bright enough and close enough to the window that people would actually notice. This is a very tall order, and it was not as easy to accomplish as we’d initially imagined.

After some basic research, it became pretty clear that to make a scary ghost appear and disappear in a darkened room, it would require three basic components:

Projector: The source of the effect.
Ghost Media: The video image that will be projected to make the effect.
The Screen: The substance, otherwise invisible, that is illuminated by the effect.

The projector we sourced was part of the Digital Decorating Kit from Atmos FX.

The kit includes:
• AtmosFX Alpha Projector
• Professional mounting tripod
• Remote control (2 AAA batteries not included)
• UL power adapter
• Projection material (4′ x 6′)
• Digital Decorations SD Card with 14 pre-loaded scenes

Positioning the projector and screen are critical in making the ghost projection appear real and lifelike. Like any good cake recipe, it is all in the details. We tried several different layouts, with various different parts and pieces, until we got the effect we were all happy with.

The Result

Here it is! We are pretty happy with the results of our projected ghost. It really does add to the overall spooky Halloween scene we have going on at our house, without adding too much outside.

halloween lit graveyard

Do you Decorate For Halloween?

Are you into Halloween as much as we are? I’d love to hear how you decorate your house, and things you do to stand out among the many haunted setups in your neighbourhood.

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  1. Terrific Halloween blog post. I love seeing and hearing how people decorates their houses, and all things we have to do now to get noticed with so the many other ‘haunted houses’ out there.

  2. the display on 6th line is amazing and now he is taking it down to start putting his Christmas display up, my Grandson makes me walk past it everyday so we can see what he is doing!

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