How Sponsored Players Change Brand Perception

How Sponsored Players Change Brand Perception
07 Sep 2020

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There are many players from all sports who are sponsored and the reason for this is to raise the profile of the sponsor and improve their brand perception. Brands tend to sponsor players who have a good image; factors such as popularity, perception and personality are all considerations when deciding who to sponsor. Brands do not want to be associated with players who are involved in scandals, which is why many will instantly cut ties with players who become embroiled in these. There are many brands who have taken popular players until their wings in order to change the perception of their brand.

sponsored soccer


The most popular footballers around are sponsored by one brand or another; David Beckham for instance has a number of sponsors, including Adidas and Armani. In 2012, David made around £12 million in sponsorship deals. David has a clean living, family image which appeals to the masses and with a successful career under his belt, he is the ideal candidate for sponsorship deals. Nike are a brand who have sponsored a number of highly respected footballers, including Cristiano Ronaldo and this has helped them to achieve the status of being the most valued brand amongst sporting personalities.

sponsored poker

Poker Champions

Gus Hansen is sponsored by Full Tilt Poker and has done wonders for the brand. As a highly successful poker player who is not afraid to take chances, Gus appeals to a wide audience and with a likeable personality, he has helped the brand to grow. Gus has made a fortune from playing poker and always captivates and excites the audience with his skills. If you choose a poker player to look up to, Gus is the perfect role model. He has brought new life to the image of Full Tilt Poker and continues to do so.

sponsored golf


As part of their wide range of sponsorships, Nike also sponsors Tiger Woods and most recently, Rory McIlory. Both of these personalities have achieved huge success in the golfing arena and as such, have helped the brand to grow. The sponsorship of Tiger Woods was cut when he was caught up in scandals a few years ago, but he still has a deal with the brand, although Rory is now their main man in the golfing arena. You would be hard pushed to find anyone who isn’t familiar with the Nike brand including the widely recognized slogan “Just Do It.” The wide ranging sponsorship deals with sporting heroes has helped Nike to keep their legacy and grown to levels where others have failed.

sponsored basketball


Successful basketball player Derrick Rose is sponsored by Adidas in a deal which is worth around $260 million. Derrick has been the main reason the Bulls have made the playoffs each year and he has helped the brand to grow to new heights. It is likely that Adidas will go on to sponsor Derrick for the foreseeable future and this is a very lucrative deal for both parties.

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